Customer Relational Management Project

Our focus

The CRM team's primary focus is on developing relationships with prospective Higher Education students. These relationships are created through marketing campaigns, lead generation and retention activities, applications to study, etc. We then use this data to inform ongoing individual communications and wider strategies. Current student information is also stored in the CRM system, enabling personalised communication and recording of interactions between students and Student Services.

Integration of data between the student record system (Calista) and the CRM system (RightNow) allows campaigns to be targeted for particular sub-sets of the student population.  
While much of the team's time is taken up maintaining the integrity of the CRM system, trying to find correlations in the data, and nurturing the relationships we have with the prospective student group.

There is a constant balance between fulfilment of ad-hoc demands and developing a wider philosophy of CRM.

CRM can apply to all types of relationships in an organisation, be they internal, external, past, present or future.

As stakeholders begin to see the advantages created by CRM, the potential benefits increase symbiotically as the data-sets become richer and more meaningful.

Examples of where CRM methodology may add value include current student retention, managing vocational education and articulation, and working with Alumni.