Professorial Lecture Series

The Professorial Lecture Series provides an opportunity for CDU's academics to discuss their specific areas of interest, from ecosystems through to history.

Professor Douglas PatonNovember 8, 2016

Being Afraid Effectively: Cross-cultural perspectives on disaster risk reduction

Professor Douglas Paton, Professor of Psychology, School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences, Charles Darwin University.

Date: Tuesday 8 Nov 2016
Location: Charles Darwin University Theatre, Orange 3, Casuarina Campus

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Professor Karen GibbJuly 26, 2016

The Secret Life of Microbes

Professor Karen Gibb, School of Environment, Charles Darwin University.

Date: Tuesday 26 July 2016
Location: Charles Darwin University Theatre, Orange 3, Casuarina Campus

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Professor Brian Mooney April 19, 2016

Loving Beauty

Professor Brian Mooney, Head of the School of Creative Arts and Humanities, Charles Darwin University.

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Professor Suresh ThennadilNovember 10, 2015

Polymers, Tablets and Tissue – The Third Way in Spectroscopy for Process Monitoring

Professor Suresh Thennadil, Director of the North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas.

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Professor Sue ShoreSeptember 22, 2015

Living and working in conservative times: Is there a role for academic activism?

Professor Sue Shore, Professor in Education, International Graduate Centre for Education, Charles Darwin University

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Wayne CristaudoJune 16, 2015

Global Instabilities: 101 years after the commencement of World War I

Professor Wayne Cristaudo, Professor of Political Science, Charles Darwin University

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Professor Charlie FairfieldJuly 29, 2014

Drains, mains and pipelines: a civil engineer’s journey through our hidden infrastructure

Professor Charlie Fairfield, Power and Water Corporation Chair in Sustainable Engineering

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Professor Stephen GarnettSeptember 17, 2013

Making Australian Threatened Species legislation more effective and efficient

Professor Stephen Garnett, Professor of Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University

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Professor Sharon BellJuly 30, 2013

Our Asian Centuries: provenance and proximity

Professor Sharon Bell, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Charles Darwin University

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Professor Bill MitchellJune 4, 2013

Full employment abandoned: the triumph of ideology over evidence

Professor Bill Mitchell, Chair in Economics and Director for the Centre of Full Employment and Equity, Charles Darwin University

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Professor Sue CarthewNovember 2012

The Preservation of Biodiversity and Maintenance of Ecosystems in a Changing World

Professor Sue Carthew - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment.

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Professor Giselle ByrnesJuly 2012

The Myths We Live By: Reframing History for the 21st Century

Professor Giselle Byrnes - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Law, Business and Arts.

In 1990, the British Marxist historian Raphael Samuel − founder of the History Workshop movement, which is  described as 'history from below' or the study of working-class life − published with Paul Thompson a small but important book entitled The Myths We Live By (1990).

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Professor Martin W. B. JarvisApril 2012

Mrs Bach and the Cello Suites

Professor Martin W. B. Jarvis - Emeritus Artistic Director of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra.

The words 'hidden from history' are aptly used by feminist writer Anne Laurence to describe the legacy of 18th Century women.

Among these invisible women stands Anna Magdalena Bach1 – her accomplishments and contributions to music  eclipsed by that of her great husband Johann Sebastian Bach.

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