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Open to the public Thursday 6 August - Friday 23 October 2015

Warlpiri Drawings -Remembering the Future tells the story of an intriguing collection of Indigenous artworks created by Warlpiri people from Lajamanu and Yuendumu in the 1950s and beyond. It explores how drawing has been used to make sense of 80 years of monumental change, to picture life in the present and look hopefully towards the future. The artists’ subjects range from drawings of country and dreamings to historical moments such as the “Killing Times” at Coniston in 1928 – a massacre that occurred within living memory of the oldest generation of Warlpiri men and women and traditional spearings. At the same time that the Warlpiri were acquiring a European-style education, they were also learning different ways to depict their world. David Tunley, a manual arts teacher at Yuendemu in the late-1960s, recalled in his later years that when it came to picture-making, his students ‘required no teaching’.

This exhibition was curated for the National Museum of Australia by Dr Melinda Hinkson, Australian National University, in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation and Warnayaka Art and Cultural Aboriginal Corporation, Mrs Joan Meggitt, Pintupi Anmatyerre Warlpiri Media Association, and the assistance of the traditional owners and community members of Yuendumu and Lajamanu. Warlpiri Drawings is proudly presented by Darwin Festival 2015.

Warlpiri Drawings is a travelling exhibition presented by the National Museum of Australia.

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See photo gallery of Curator floortalk by Dr Melinda Hinkson and members of the Warlpiri community here

The accompanying publication Remembering the Future: Warlpiri life through the prism of drawing by Melinda Hinkson is available at the CDU Art Gallery for $49.95


Curator floortalk by Dr Melinda Hinkson and members of the Warlpiri community
Thursday 6 August, 2.30 -3.30 pm
CDU Art Gallery, Building Orange 12.1.02

Exhibition Floortalk by Dr Melinda Hinkson
Wednesday 14 October, 4 -5:45 pm
CDU Art Gallery, Building Orange 12.1.02