Short course facilitators

Short course facilitators

Louisa Manning-Watson, CDU School of Business, Darwin

Louisa Manning-Watson

Louisa has more than 15 years' experiences as an executive member of various sporting bodies and community organisations which adhere to constitutional guidelines when conducting meetings. She is required to attend and minute monthly meetings, consult with affiliates, the Treasurer and Chairperson for all reporting requirements tabled at each meeting. Minutes must be signed off after they are drafted by the Chairperson and stored as per CDU constitution.

Short courses to be conducted:

Simon Morris, CDU School of Business, Darwin

Simon Morris

Simon is a lecturer in financial accounting for the Bachelor and Master of Accounting degrees at CDU. He is a fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, a Chartered Tax Adviser of the Taxation Institute of Australia and an Associate Fellow of Australian Institute of Management.

As well as teaching university students, Simon has lectured in accountancy and business to a wider range of audiences from accounting professionals to the judiciary, police, defence forces and staff from various other public and private organisations. Simon has taught in the UK, Ireland, Zambia, Botswana, and Australia. He helped to establish sustainable accountancy schools in Africa and the Pacific.

Short courses to be conducted:

David Auld, CDU IT & Library, Darwin

David Auld who delivers CDU's Excel courses, has had practical experience running his own business, work as an industry web programmer and business developer. He makes Excel interesting and applicable to the everyday work environment.

He has a quirky sense of humour and you have to watch his jokes! He asked for an image of George Clooney to go up on this page...

Short courses to be conducted:

Deanne Coburn, CDU Office of Leadership & Organisation Culture, Darwin

Deanne Coburn

A teacher and trainer who has worked in the Northern Territory for more than 20 years, Deanne has a Master of Education and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Deanne has received an Advanced Skills Teaching award in recognition of her excellent teaching practice. She has won the Lyn Pozwieska Scholarship to study at the University of San Francisco.

Deanne has expertise in cognitive behaviour therapy and social and emotional learning. She brings to all her teaching an awareness of the mind-body connection, mindfulness and whole body health.

Short courses to be conducted:

Sharon Watson, CDU Office of Procurement, Darwin

Sharon Watson

Sharon has over 25 years' experience in Contract Management, Financial Management, HR Management and Event Management.

As the Manager of the Strategic Procurement for Charles Darwin University for 4 years, Contract Management has become a part of Sharon's 'Management Toolbox'.

Currently the Office of Strategic Procurement Services (OSPS) manages all the 'whole university contracts' for periodical services, and contracts stemming from Tender outcomes. As the Manager of the OSPS team Sharon manages staff with skills in Contract Management, Category Management, Procurement Fundamentals and Purchasing's as well as the Stores and Receivable section.

The skills gained over her career will be utilised to provide a practical guide to the day-to-day techniques required to manage contracts that create strong relationships with your suppliers in order to minimise disagreements and provide value for money.

Short Courses to be conducted:

Mandy Langenhorst, CDU Business Central/School of Service Industries, Alice Springs

Mandy Langenhorst

Mandy has many years' experience teaching secondary school and TAFE students in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Mandy brings a wealth of not only teaching experience but life experience after teaching in China, Myanmar and South Korea.

Mandy is dedicated to delivering CDU's suite of Microsoft Courses for 2015.

Short courses to be conducted:

Dr Tina Lambert, External Expertise, Darwin

Tina Lambert

With a Doctorate in Business Administration and over 30 years’ experience, Tina has the expertise to deliver practical and strategic training. Tina works closely with executives, leaders, managers, and teams to increase self-awareness, strengthen positive behaviours and facilitate leadership development.

“Tina has highly developed facilitation skills. This is not only in the technical aspects of design and management of programs, but in presentation, in providing frameworks and encouragement for applied learning, in building personable relationships with participants, and in fearless but sensitive confrontation of the issues when necessary.”
- Dr Murray Redman

Short courses conducted:

John McNeur, External Expertise, Darwin

John McNeur

Experienced in delivering training and possessing a range of transferrable skills, John McNeur is passionate about education, personal growth and development.

John has background in teaching, communications, marketing, management, project management, public speaking, counselling and support. His skills, work experience, life experience and dedication allow him to teach a wide variety of subjects with a professional but personal style.

John enjoys helping people to move forward in their careers, in their personal lives and finding a balance between the two.

Short courses to be conducted:

Barbara Clifford, External Expertise, Alice Springs 

Barbara Clifford

Barbara Clifford has spent over 20 years working in time precious industries such as film, hospitality and marketing.  She has always had a passion to create order out of chaos.  Having worked in creative and service based industries, Barbara has a remarkable ability to understand and work with diverse personality styles and finds an organisational rhythm that suits her clients.   Friends, colleagues, employers and clients always look to Barbara as the beacon in a sea of chaos to provide professional clarity and to simply GET THINGS ORGANISED!

Barbara assists professional business people to find clarity in their working environment, control of their time and alleviate any associated stress.  By creating stronger work flow & time management systems, Barbara gives smaller businesses the flexibility and confidence to grow. She provides professional development and increases productivity for the team. The innovative solutions she provides, gives CEO’s, Directors and Senior Management the mental & physical breathing space to focus on their priorities.

Barbara is able to achieve rapid change in people’s work environment by applying a unique style of professional organising.  This allows businesses to better manage their client base, reduce loss of business, improve productivity and sustain their focus on their business plan. Her simple business system brings total alignment between vision and service delivery.

Barbara’s professional experience has included contracts with small business, Not For Profits, Aboriginal Organisations, Media, Marketing, Aged Care and Health Services.