Desert Lantern - training restaurant in Alice Springs

Desert Lantern - Training restaurant in Alice Springs

The multi-award winning Desert Lantern restaurant is set in relaxed rural bush surroundings with a magnificent view of the majestic MacDonnell Ranges.

The Desert Lantern, or Abutilon Leucopetalum, is a species of plant found in the Central Australian region with large yellow flowers. It grows on hillsides and is commonly found at the base of rocks throughout the region, typically flowering after rain. Western Arrernte people are reputed to eat the cooked roots.

The industry-standard Desert Lantern restaurant is regularly open to the public for lunch and dinner. As a training restaurant,our cookery students provide a variety of meals including five-course, silver service and international cuisine, served by hospitality students.

The bar stocks a variety of renowned Australian wines and the students are trained in the finer art of cocktail making.

We highly recommend that you book in advance. Special one-off cooking classes are also available.

For more details of classes or to make a reservation, please call 08 8959 5200.

For more information download the Desert Lantern Training Restaurant Brochure 2015 (PDF 1MB).