Keep up-to-date with CDU research on the Conversation

Keep up-to-date with CDU research on The Conversation

  • Federal Budget 2018: a state-by-state spending analysis
    With a federal election looming within a year, our panel looks at what each state and territory has been handed in the budget - and why it matters. Chris Salisbury, Research Associate, The University of Queensland Anika Gauja, Associate Professor, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney David Hayward,...
  • Lessons not learned: Darwin's paying the price after Cyclone Marcus
    After Cyclone Tracy, you'd expect Darwin of all cities to be ready for the next one. But as the clean-up after Cyclone Marcus continues, it's clear more must be done to increase the city's resilience. Akhilesh Surjan, Associate Professor, Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Management Studies, Charles Darwin University Deepika Mathur, Researcher in sustainable...
  • What we know about Novichok, the 'newby' nerve agents linked to Russia
    Even if they do eventually wake up, Sergei and Julia Skripal could suffer permanent damage as a result of their exposure to a Novichok nerve agent. Martin Boland, Senior Lecturer of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Charles Darwin University Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.

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