Keep up-to-date with CDU research on the Conversation

Keep up-to-date with CDU research on The Conversation

  • We need our country; our country needs us
    The sun rises above Uluru in outback Australia. David Gray/Reuters

    Increasingly, our leaders talk of Australian values and presume that these arose organically, as though through some moral forge. An alternative view is that our national character and sense of identity have been shaped mostly by the land itself: we are a nation of individualistic, resilient and resourceful individuals because...

  • Why more schools need to teach bilingual education to Indigenous children
    Indigenous children can benefit greatly from learning in a language they understand. Neda Vanovac/AAP

    In this series, we’ll discuss whether progress is being made on Indigenous education, looking at various areas including policy, scholarships, school leadership, literacy and much more...

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