Annual Reports

Academic Literature

Research is an important activity within the Centre, and complements our teaching programs. This page will be updated as new information and publications are made based on the research currently underway within the Centre.


Book Chapters (refereed)

  • Fry, G (2014). ‘Indigenous education, inclusion and the curriculum’, in Webster, S & Ryan A (2014), ‘Understanding Curriculum: the Australian context’.

  • Fry, G (2016). In Press. ‘The Importance of Self’, in ‘The Challenges of Teaching-through the eyes of preservice teachers’, Geng, G, Black P & Smith, P (editors), Springer Publishing.

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  • Moyle, K. (2011). Using Zing to conduct research about and with emerging technologies, S. Nagy Hesse-Biber (ed), Handbook of Emergent Technologies and Social Research, Oxford University Press.

Conference Papers

  • Fry, G (2010). ‘Countering a tide of western education dysfunction’, Keynote Speech to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Doctors Symposium, Launceston, Tasmania.

  • Fry, G (2010). ‘From the leprosarium to emancipation: Breaking the collective shackles’, Keynote Speech to the National Literacy and Numeracy Pilots Forum, National Press Gallery, Canberra, 18th March 2010.

  • Fry, G (2011). ‘Social capital: a platform to enabling technical rational models of schooling reform’, Keynote Speech to the 2011 Loddon Mallee Principals’ Conference, Sebel Hotel, Melbourne.

  • Fry, G (2015). ‘National Education Policy Evolutions: Decentralisation, Corporatisation & Standardisation. What spaces are left in improving beyond the sine wave in challenged environments?’ Keynote presentation, ATEA Conference, Charles Darwin University.

  • Fry, G (2015). ‘Strengthening School Leadership across the Northern Territory’, Keynote presentation Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia’, Mapping Education Policy Landscapes: Rurality and Rural Futures, Deakin University, Geelong.

  • Moyle, K. (2011). Drawing on students’ views of educational leadership, Mastering the Moment, Consortium for School Networking Annual conference, New Orleans, March 14-16

  • Moyle, K. & Croger, P. (2012). Driving professional development with technologies, Reimagine Learning,  Consortium for School Networking Annual conference, Washington DC, March 5-7.

Papers and Resources

  • Fry, G (2012). Post Graduate Course Development, professional learning units, remote school leadership, (Charles Darwin University).

  • Fry, G. (2012). ‘Remote Indigenous School Principalship: Characteristics, Capabilities and Qualities of an Effective Remote School Principal’, Discussion Paper. Darwin: Northern Territory Department of Education and Training, January 17 2012.

  • Fry, G (2012). ‘What role(s) has the ideology behind education policies in the NT played in the failure of such policies to effectively challenge the disempowered status of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population?’ Deakin University, pp.1-41.

  • Moyle, K. (2011). Testing the exposure draft of the National professional standard for school principals’, with school principals in regional and remote communities in the Northern Territory, Centre for School Leadership, Learning and Development, Charles Darwin University.