NT More Early Childhood Scholarships program

Support to upgrade your early childhood qualification

Seven graduates of the Early Childhood Scholarship

The NT More Early Childhood Teachers Scholarship Program awarded scholarships to early childhood educators, teachers and support staff working in licensed children’s services and schools across the Northern Territory, which assisted in upgrading their qualifications to include an early childhood specialisation.

This Program includes support for upgrading to a Master degree for four-year trained teachers.  Early childhood educators, school support staff and teachers working in licensed Northern Territory children’s services or Northern Territory schools were eligible to apply.

The National Quality Framework sets a National Quality Standard for early childhood education and school-age care providers in Australia to ensure that they can provide children in the Northern Territory with high-quality education and care.  The Scholarship Program is part of the NT Early Childhood Workforce Plan.

The Centre, Charles Darwin University and the Northern Territory Government are financially supporting early childhood educators to upgrade their current qualifications to meet the Standard.  Scholarships generally cover costs in relation to course fees, compulsory textbooks (where required), study and practicum time.  The amount of financial support available depends on the qualification undertaken.

New scholarships are not currently being awarded under the NT More Early Childhood Teachers Scholarship Program.


For more information about the NT More Early Childhood Teachers Scholarship Program please contact

Mel Hazard
T:+618 8946 6277
E: helen.hazard@cdu.edu.au