Professional Learning Programs

Professional Learning Programs

Indigenous teachers with certificates

The Centre offers a suite of high-quality leadership programs for teachers, aspiring leaders, new and experienced principals and corporate based education staff. These programs are designed to enable participants to positively influence school performance in the complex contexts of the Northern Territory. The Centre’s programs are available to both government and non-government sectors. Learning modes include intensive face-to-face sessions, online platforms and blended learning approaches.There is something for every aspiring and experienced leader in the Northern Territory.

CSL courses

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Principals' Development Program

This 12 months program is an intensive leadership development experience comprising global perspectives on education and tailored growth support to accelerate participants’ career potential in peer-centred learning forums. The program is for new and early career principals to develop leadership knowledge, capabilities and capacity and to make decisions that impact on the achievement and wellbeing of the children in their schools.Find out more about the Principals' Development Program (PDF 1.3MB).

Tomorrow's School Leaders

Tomorrow School LeadersThe program will balance theory and practice and develop participants’ ability in:

Leading Teaching Certification in STEM

This program is for high performing teachers of science in early childhood, primary, middle and senior secondary sectors who demonstrate readiness to take on a leadership role and leadership training in their school. Experience in this program will culminate in a research report that will contribute to the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the Northern Territory.Find out more about the Leading Teaching Certification in STEM (PDF 1.7MB).

Indigenous Leadership Certification

This program is for high performing teachers, lead and senior teachers, assistant principals and teaching principals in schools in all locations in the Northern Territory and nationally.Find out more about the Indigenous Leadership Certification (PDF 0.9MB).

Leading Teaching Certification in Early Childhood Education

During this program, participants will meet face-to-face and in an online environment with peers and the facilitator. Workplace inquiry projects will involve independent study and collaboration with peers and the facilitator.Find out more about the Leading Teaching Certification in Early Childhood Education (PDF 1.5MB)