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Leading teaching certification in early childhood education

This program is for high performing teachers, lead teachers, senior teachers and assistant principals in early childhood education and care locations in the Northern Territory.

The first course of this Certification program explores leadership and educational change relevant to pre-compulsory and early childhood settings.

The second course develops leadership for democratic decision making, problem solving, collaborative negotiation and potentiality, and the particular nature of leadership in early childhood education and care settings.

A key feature of capacity-building is involvement in bringing contemporary research into early childhood educational settings. Experience in the program will culminate in research reports that will contribute to the development of ECE in the Northern Territory and Certification for the participant.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are linked to the Lead Teacher Standard of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. For example:

  • Application of theoretical concepts of leadership
  • Identification and reflection on personal experience
  • Review, analysis and synthesis of early childhood leadership
  • Working responsibly in partnership with others
  • Designing constructive and coherent plans for change
  • Project work and reporting

Two courses comprise the CSL leading teaching certification in early childhood education

1Contemporary Early Childhood Leadership and Change
2Building Leadership Cultures in Early Childhood

Course delivery

During this program, participants will meet face-to-face and in an online environment with peers and the facilitator. Workplace inquiry projects will involve independent study and collaboration with peers and the facilitator.


Assessment is indicative of the requirements of the Centre for School Leadership and the Graduate Certifcate of Education at Charles Darwin University. For example, assessments include projects and reports, refective diaries and case studies. Successful completion of Leading Teaching ECE Certifcation can be used to gain credit towards a Master of Education (International) and/or a Graduate Certifcate of Education at Charles Darwin University.

Who can apply/Reenroll

To be eligible for Leading Teaching Certification in ECE training you must be a teacher, lead teacher, senior teacher, or assistant principal working in school or centre in the NT. As courses are online and through Webi-nar video conferencing; eligible participants in all locations will be accommodated. Applicants are required to address statements against the Lead Teacher Standard of the Australian Professional Standards for Teach-ers to demonstrate developing leadership prowess. They must then be recommended by the principal and regional director. Students who have successfully completed one unit of the program need only the applica-tion form to reenroll without addressing statements or gaining the regional directors approval.

Application process

  1. Address statements against the selection criteria.
  2. Attain school principal recommendation and certifcation of the accuracy of your application (if not currently a principal).
  3. Attain regional director’s approval of your application.
  4. Submit your application with cover letter to CSL.
  5. The CSL selection panel will assess eligible applications against eligibility and selection criteria.
  6. Successful applicants will be advised of the outcome of the selection process by mid-February for Semester 1, and by mid-July for Semester 2.

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