Indigenous Leadership

Indigenous leadership certification


This program is for high performing teachers, lead and senior teachers, assistant principals and teaching principals in schools in all locations in the Northern Territory and nationally.

In the first course of the Certification program, participants strategically evaluate theories of teaching and learning to facilitate improved learning for Indigenous EAL/D students incorporating professional knowledge, practice and engagement. Participants build knowledge and critically review practices that promote, lead, design, develop and manage a culture of effective teaching.

The second course enables participants to undertake a work place research project focused on building school-wide cultures in Indigenous provision through experiential learning activities. In consultation with the lecturer, participants are required to conduct their project in ways consistent with formal research inquiry, including formation of a study question, background, literature review, methodology, findings, analysis and discussion.

Experience in this program will culminate in research reports that will contribute to the development of leadership in Indigenous contexts in the Northern Territory and Certification for the participant.

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Professional knowledge

  • Lead initiatives to assist colleagues with opportunities for students to develop understanding of, and respect for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander histories, cultures and languages.
  • Lead programs linking theory, research and workplace knowledge about Indigenous EAL/D students.

Professional practice

  • Demonstrate and lead by example, the development of productive and inclusive learning environments, specific to Indigenous EAL/D students across the school, by reviewing inclusive strategies and exploring new approaches to engage and support all students.
  • Lead, implement and review the effectiveness of learning and teaching programs that develop EAL/D students’ knowledge, understandings and skills.

Professional engagement

  • Lead, participate and advocate support of high quality professional learning opportunities for colleagues that focus on improved student learning, for Indigenous EAL/D students.
  • Lead and implement professional dialogue within the school or professional learning network that is informed by feedback and the analysis of current research and practice, to improve the educational outcomes of Indigenous EAL/D students.

Two courses comprise the CSL indigenous leadership certification

1School-Wide Planning and Pedagogy for Indigenous Learners
2Building School-Wide Cultures in Indigenous Provision

Course delivery

During this program participants will meet in an online environment with peers and the facilitator. Workplace inquiry projects will involve independent study and collaboration with peers and the facilitator.


Assessment is indicative of the requirements of the Centre for School Leadership and the Graduate Certificate of Education at Charles Darwin University, for which this program directly articulates. Successful completion of Indigenous Leadership Certification can be used to gain credit towards a Master of Education (International) and/or a Graduate Certificate of Education at Charles Darwin University.

Who can apply/re-enroll

To be eligible for Indigenous Leadership Certification training you must be a teacher, lead teacher, senior teach-er, assistant principal or principal working in a school or centre in the NT or nationally. As courses are online and through Webinar video conferencing, eligible participants in all locations will be accommodated. Applicants are required to address statements against the lead teacher standard of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to demonstrate developing leadership prowess. They must then be recommended by the principal and regional director. Students who have successfully completed one unit of the program need only the application form to re-enroll without addressing statements or gaining the regional directors approval.