Principals' development program

Principals' development program

This 12 months program is an intensive leadership development experience comprising global perspectives on education and tailored growth support to accelerate participants’ career potential in peer-centred learning forums. The program is for new and early career principals to develop leadership knowledge, capabilities and capacity and to make decisions that impact on the achievement and wellbeing of the children in their schools.

Participants will develop and extend their leadership skills to lead teaching and learning for improved student results, learn how to build professional networks and alliances, build highly effective school teams and extend their skills and knowledge engaging in evidence-led inquiry and research.

A key feature of the program is an international benchmarking tour which will allow participants to observe and interact in different global education contexts and to provide insight and breadth of perspective and knowledge.

The program is underpinned by the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Leadership Profiles. Learning is pitched at the higher levels of the ‘Professional Practices Pathway of increasing proficiency’.

The focus is on:
1) leading teaching and learning;
2) developing self and others; and
3) leading improvement, innovation and


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