Tomorrow's school leaders

Tomorrow’s School Leaders develops high performing assistant principals, beginning principals and teaching principals who aspire to an Executive Contract Principal pathway. The program will balance theory and practice and develop participants’ ability in:

  • leading teaching and learning
  • developing self and others, and
  • leading improvement, innovation and change.

Course outcomes are derived from the profiles, at the first proficiency level for each of the above professional practice areas of the Australian Professional Standard for Principals and the Leadership Profiles. This twelve month blended learning program will incorporate an integration of online collegial tutorials, face-to-face tutorials, action research, coaching and mentoring in a comprehensive and systematic set of learning experiences. The Program is expected to provide, at a minimum, 168 hours of professional learning.

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The expected outcomes for participants completing this Program are:

  • developed strategies for identifying the need, and knowledge of, ways to initiate and action ‘improvement innovation and change’ in a school;
  • understanding of the impact of change on others and how to facilitate school and community ownership of the change agenda;
  • skills to strategically lead a professional learning community where all members contribute to improvement and innovation;
  • a developed personal and organisational vison that links all learning and teaching activities to strategic planning and better outcomes for students;
  • a comprehensive knowledge and strategies for identifying leadership potential in others and seeking opportunities to distribute responsibility;
  • to promote effective teaching by leading staff and students in identifying and planning high-quality teaching and learning;
  • significant benefit from opportunities for mentoring;
  • broadened personal networks with colleagues across the NT;
  • development of a deeper understanding of the Australian Professional Standard for Principals; and
  • a developed understanding of international and global educational direction.

Successful completion of the Program will provide eligibility for credit into the Master of Education (International) (MEd(I)) offered through the International Graduate Centre of Education (IGCE) at Charles Darwin University. For this to occur, assessment items will be graded against AQF 9 standard (Master’s Degree level). Assignments should be of appropriate depth, be referenced according to the APA guidelines, and of the required length to meet university 500 level standard. The bulk of assessment will comprise a school or regional based research project and presentation of findings to colleagues.

To be eligible for Tomorrow’s School Leaders you must be a senior teacher, an assistant principal or new principal working in a preschool, primary or secondary school in the NT. You must also be recommended by your principal or Regional Director.

  1. Address statements against the selection criteria.
  2. Attain school principal recommendation and certification of the accuracy of your application (if not currently a principal).
  3. Attain regional director’s approval of your application.
  4. Submit your application with cover letter to Centre for School Leadership.
  5. The CSL selection panel will assess eligible applications against relevant, eligibility and selection criteria.