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What we offer

New leadership development programs will empower teachers, school and system leaders, by providing the critical skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to progress both personally and professionally. Continuity of delivery over the coming years together with the four step course structure will allow educators to plan their training and higher education according to personal leadership pathways over the course of their careers.

The Centre will provide equity of access across the Territory when and where staff are ready to engage in deep learning. Semester long courses will be delivered through digital, interactive-media, after hours, to groups of eligible participants from any NT school or location. The start of courses each semester will be preceded by visits from CSL lecturers to each school region to meet new cohorts of participants. Courses will be delivered in a rotating timetable over several years so leaders may continue toward completion and their Certification in accordance with their time commitments. It is envisaged that the CSL will accommodate all eligible participant for enrolment.

It is intended that Centre for School Leadership will take all enrolments from the Government sector who meet eligibility criteria and participants from the non-Government sector by arrangement. Teachers, principals and system leaders will be required to demonstrate levels of competency and be recommended by their superiors. There will be no cost for educators in the DoE system.

Upon successful completion of each course, participants will be eligible for further courses in their program without further eligibility processes. Students whose research projects are of a high standard will be invited to have their work published in an Annual CSL Journal. Students who attain and ‘A’ average or above may be eligible for fees scholarships for CDU courses to complete their Graduate Certificate or Education Masters Degree qualifications.