External Examinations

External Examinations conduct examination and invigilation arrangements for Charles Darwin University External Students whose term location is outside Darwin and Alice Springs regional area.

Darwin & Alice Springs Students

If you are an externally enrolled student residing within 80km of Casuarina or Alice Springs Campus, no formal reply or submission is required as you are automatically counted by residential postcode to sit with the Internal Students at the relevant campus. Any Darwin or Alice Springs students who are unable to sit their exam at the designated location must submit and comply with the Application for Reasonable Adjustments.

External Examination Arrangements

Students enrolled in an external mode or have an external term address, which has a centrally timetabled exam will receive an email sent to their CDU student email account from External Examinations outlining the examination process. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to regularly check their CDU student email account.

Exam arrangements for students who reside within 80 km of a CDU Exam Centre

Students who reside within 80km from the listed CDU exam centres (pdf 202KB) are required to attend at the exam centre nominated by CDU. Charles Darwin University will make contact with the nominated listed CDU exam centre to make the necessary arrangements. Students must complete their examination/s at the date, time and location designated/ approved by CDU. An email will be sent to your student email account within one week following census date for the current semester advising of the allocated centre. Students who wish to use an alternative listed CDU exam centres (pdf 202KB) must reply to this email four weeks prior to the advertised exam period advising the changes.

Exam arrangements for students who reside more than 80 km from a CDU Exam Centre

Students who reside 80km or more from the listed CDU exam centres (pdf 237KB) are required to make suitable arrangements to sit their exam/s. Students should notify CDU with the name of the local tertiary institution. If a local tertiary institution does not exist, the student is required to identify their own private invigilator. In some cases CDU has details for people who have acted as invigilators previously. A private invigilator cannot be a person related to you by blood or marriage, or a close friend of the family. A private invigilator must be approved by CDU before arrangements can be finalised. Charles Darwin University will make contact with the nominated person to make the necessary arrangements. If the person you have nominated is not approved for any reason, you will be notified and asked to identify an alternative person.

Examples of suitable people for invigilation: Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Staff Development Officer, Director of Nursing (DON), Justice of the Peace (JP), Police Officer, School Principal or Assistant Principal, Librarian, an Examination Officer from any TAFE, University or similar Educational Institution or Examination Centre. If you think you have found a suitable invigilator and they have agreed to be available for the necessary date and time, send their contact details four weeks prior to the advertised exam period in an email to externalexaminations@cdu.edu.au

Example of Institution or Invigilator's Details: (Compulsory) Contact Person at Institution or Invigilator’s Name, (Compulsory) Name of Institution OR Invigilator’s Occupation, (Compulsory) Mailing Address, (Compulsory) Email Address, Daytime Phone Number, Daytime Fax Number.


Exam Dates and Deadline for all External Examination Arrangements

2014 Exam PeriodExam DatesDeadline for all external student email responses
Semester 1, 2014
September special
Commence September 8, 2014
Concludes September 12, 2014
COB Friday August 15, 2014
Semester 2, 2014Commences October 27, 2014
Concludes November 7, 2014
COB Monday September 15, 2014

Exam Timetable

Students are to familiarise themselves with the examination timetable.

Examination dates and times can also be located under Current Students/Student Central linked from the front page of the CDU web site. The first draft becomes available approximately six weeks before the exam period but a check of the final timetable needs to be undertaken four weeks before the exam period, as details may have changed.

Failure to return the appropriate information by the due date may jeopardise a student's opportunity to sit for examinations.

Your cooperation is essential to us, thereby ensuring timely delivery of exams to relevant institutions/supervisors, both within Australia and overseas.


General External Examination Information

  • External Student Support – External Examination cannot process any reply/ responses after the Deadline for all external examination arrangements. Students must complete their examination/s at the date, time and location designated/ approved by CDU.
  • Examination dates and times cannot be changed.
  • Students studying in external mode or have an external term address will receive at least 2 emails advising of their allocated venue sent to their CDU Student email account in the lead up to exam periods.
  • Students MUST reply advising confirmation of receipt or otherwise advise of change of venue by the Deadline for all external examination arrangements.
  • If you have any queries or concerns about your allocated centre, you must notify us 4 weeks prior to the exam taking place. Failure to do so at least 4 weeks prior may jeopardise your ability to sit for examinations and may result in any subsequent costs invoiced to us being passed on to you.
  • If you reside more than 80km from your local tertiary institution approval to use a nominated invigilator is required, only approved invigilation can be used, so please check details with us in the first instance by emailing externalexaminations@cdu.edu.au or phoning: (08) 8946 6483.
  • Misreading your examination timetable is not considered sufficient grounds to apply for special consideration.
  • Please ensure that you have allowed yourself time to make alternative family and employment arrangements to attend the scheduled exam.
  • Photo ID must be taken to an exam; a student card, driver’s license or passport is ideal. If you do not have a student card and wish to have one, you can apply online at My Student Card.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties and need to seek special consideration for medical or personal issues that may interfere with the scheduled examination arrangements, please refer to Special Examinations/Reasonable Adjustments.

Please direct any supervised exam arrangement queries to External Examinations on (08) 8946 6483 or email External Examinations.


Interstate Exam Locations

CDU exam centres

Interstate and International  Exam Venues List


Reasonable Adjustment/Special Examination

Students wishing to apply for Special Examination must submit the request for special examination.  Detailed information is contained on the form.

All queries relating to special exams should be directed to the Student Central Examinations and Timetabling Unit.