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Employment Opportunities


School Name: Sanderson Middle School
Job Title: Special Education Support Assistant
Commencement Date: 29/01/2018
Contact Person: Kate McNeill
Contact Phone : 404 688 856
Contact Email: kate.mcneil@ntschools.net

Further Information:

We are seeking a passionate and motivated person with knowledge in education. The successful applicant will work closely with the Special Education Teacher and classroom teachers' supporting the education of children and assisting them to maximise their learning potential.
The role is full time, working from 8:00am-2:00pm     (Monday-Friday.
Advertised Date: Mon, 22/01/2018

School Name: Larrakeyah Primary School
Job Title: Year 4 Class Teacher
Commencement Date: 23/01/2018
Contact Person: Natasha guse.
Contact Phone : 8981 3211
Contact Email: natasha.guse@ntschools.net

Further Information: Contract starting 23/01/2017 (taking into account that you will need to do the Induction program with the department). Please contact Natasha for any further questions. Contact numbers  above or mobile 0439 813 211

School Name: Milikapiti School
Job Title: Early Years Classroom Teacher
Commencement Date: 29 January 2018
Contact Person: Kathryn Leo
Contact Phone : 89,783,960
Contact Email: kathryn.leo@ntschools.net
Date Advertised: 6/12/18
Further Information: Milikapiti School is located on the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin. Our school provides quality education for children aged 0 to 12 years of age. Are you a motivated and    passionate graduate teacher who wants to work with a great teaching team in an amazing location?

 Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Job Title: Preschool Teacher
Commencement Date: 31/01/2018
Contact Person: Michelle Shaw / Shane Donahue
Contact Phone : 889,276,188
Contact Email: admin.holyfamily@nt.catholic.edu.au
Further Information: .5 position as Preschool Teacher with a team of dedicated educators in a school setting
Advertised Date: 1/12/17

 Sanderson Middle School
Job Title: English/Humanities teacher
Commencement Date: 25.01.2018
Contact Person: Liz Veel
Contact Phone : 8927 8899
Contact Email: liz.veel@ntschools.net

Further Information: Year 7,8 and 9 teacher required for Term 1   to teach English and Humanities and a bit of PE to Middle Years   students.

Sanderson Middle School
Job Title: Maths Science Teacher
Commencement Date: 29.01.2018
Contact Person: Liz Veel
Contact Phone : 89 278 899
Contact Email: liz.veel@ntschools.net
Website: https://www.sandersonmiddle.nt.edu.au/

Further Information: A Middle Years Maths/Science Teacher is  required at Sanderson Middle School to teach Years 7-9 for the  2018 school year.

  • Gray Primary
    Job Title:HASS Release Teacher
    Commencement Date:23.1.18
    Contact Person:Rebekah Stapleton
    Contact Phone :89321700
    Contact Email:rebekah.stapleton@ntschools.ne
    Further Information: This position is a specialist position and includes teaching Humanities and Social Science through
    Information Technology to Transition to Year 6 and releasing Highly Accomplished teachers for specific projects. Developing, delivering and evaluating learning programs and monitoring student achievement to address individual learning needs is essential. This position would suit an experienced teacher seeking a change from a fulltime class or an early career teacher with a HASS background.

  • Larrakeyah Primary School
    Job Title: Classroom Teacher
    Commencement Date: 2018
    Contact Person: Natasha Guse
    Contact Phone : 89,813,211
    Contact Email: natasha.guse@ntschools.net
    Further Information: Larrakeyah Primary School are currently recruiting classroom teacher positions for the 2018 school year. If you are interested please contact Natasha Guse, Assistant  Principal.

  • Woodroffe Primary School
    Job Title: teacher
    Commencement Date: 25/01/2018
    Contact Person: Sharon Reeves
    Contact Phone: 88 983 7600
    Contact Email: sharon.reeves@ntschools.net
    Further Information: Several teaching positions from Year 1-6. They will be working in a collaborative team with a Visible Learning focus.  In-school Professional Learning available through coaching, with the goal to develop intentional teaching and learning skills

  • Humpty Doo Primary School
    Job Title: Classroom Teacher
    Commencement Date: Jan 2018
    Contact Person: Ali Brady
    Contact Phone: 8988 1255
    Contact Email: ali.brady@ntschools.net
    Further Information: This position is a Year 3/4 class, commencing in 2018.

  • Lajamanu School
    About the Job: Pre-school teacher (Early Years qualification or ability to enrol in this is desirable but NOT always necessary.) Also EITHER a Middle years teacher (our top level Years 7-10 class) or if preferred the release/relief/multi-purpose teacher role. This involves sport in the mornings and afternoons, release time for senior teachers and relief when staff are away.

    Commencement Date: 23/1/18
    Contact Person: Juliette Coco
    Contact Phone : 8975 0946
    Contact Email: juliette.coco@ntschools.net

Other States

Currently we do not have any listing here


  • ACLE
    Job Title: Travel Italy and become TEFL-TP Cerrified with ACLE accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Committee. Enhance your CV by  learning how to teach English to Italian children through games, drama and songs.
    Commencement Date: June or August 2018
    Contact Person: Alice Semeria
    Contact Phone: 390184506070
    Contact Email:  info@acle.org
    Further Information: All applicants attend a one-week intensive training course, usually on the Italian Riviera, where they learn everything they  need to know about teaching English through theatre and play.

* Preferably 19+

       *Must be able to attend one of our orientation in Italy:
      OR 1. June 4th-9th
      OR 2. June 11th-16th
      OR 3. June 18th-23rd
      OR 4. June 25th-30th
      OR 5. August 13th-18th

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