Dr Sue Smith

Lecturer in Education


  • VICTORIA UNIVERSITY, Footscray, Doctor of Philosophy – Education, 2010
  • UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, Parkville, Certificate in Education – TESOL, 1995, Bachelor of Education, 1986
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1977.
  • LA TROBE UNIVERSITY, Bundoora, Master of Education, 1993.

Current work history

VICTORIA UNIVERSITY, Footscray , Lecturer / Professional Practice Supervisor 2008.

BUDDHIST COUNCIL OF VICTORIA, Education Coordinator, Melbourne Apr 2004 – Oct 2008.

Current teaching and research interests

Mindfulness, meditation, social and emotional wellbeing, spirituality, Asian studies, Buddhism, qualitative and narrative research methods.

Doctoral study

Smith, S (2010) To be wise and kind: A Buddhist community engagement with Victorian state schools. PhD thesis, Victoria University, Melbourne Victoria. This can be downloaded at:  http://vuir.vu.edu.au/id/eprint/15538.


Smith, S. (2013). Buddhist voices in schools: how a community created a Buddhist education program for state schools. Rotterdam: Sense.

Smith, Sue (2012) OPINION: Inequities in Religious Instruction persist to the detriment of our children. ABC Religion and Ethics 7th December 2012 http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2012/12/07/3650259.htm.

Halafoff, Anna and Smith, Sue (2012) A question of faith: reforming religious education in schools The Conversation, 8th November 2012 http://theconversation.edu.au/a-question-of-faith-reforming-religious-education-in-schools-10572

Smith, S. E. (2012). A precarious path...with heart. In M. Ryan (Ed.), Reflections on Learning, Life and Work: completing Doctoral studies in mid and later career. Rotterdam: Sense.

Smith, S. E., & Seah, S. (2008). Discovering Buddha: Lessons for primary school. Melbourne, Vic Buddhist Council of Victoria.

Smith, S. E. (1996). Jataka Tales. In C. Glascodine (Ed.), Access Asia: primary teaching and learning units (pp. 20-37). Carlton Vic.: Curriculum Corporation.

Conference presentations

Smith, S. E. (2012). Clear waters or muddy pools: reflection and the reflexive practitioner. Paper presented at the Embodying good research - what counts and who decides? AQR/ Discourse, Power Resistance, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia.

Mellor, E., Nichol, H., Goldburg, P. and Smith, S. (2009) Spiritual Education and Inter-religious Learning for Primary (Elementary) and Secondary Students Panel session at the Parliament of World Religions, Melbourne. A synopsis can be found at: http://www.parliamentofreligions.org/index.cfm?n=7&sn=31\

Smith, S (2008) Towards a Pedagogy of Self-knowledge and reflection Social Educators Association of Australia (SEAA) Biennial conference Making a difference: Multidimensional citizenship education in a changing world, University of Newcastle.

Invited colloquia

Religion, Ethics and Education Network Australia (REENA), Australian Curriculum forum, Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University, 2011.

Religion and Ethics Symposium, UNESCO Interreligious and Intercultural Relations – Asia Pacific, Monash University, 2011.

Inter - Religious Relations in the 21st Century: A Post - Parliament Reflection, Monash Institute, 2010.

Research projects and consultancies

Mindfulness @ SMS: a pilot study in wellbeing practices at Sanderson Middle School, N.T.

This study has been funded by a Competitive Small Grant, School of Education, CDU
Defence of Darwin Experience Education resource

Colleagues in the School of Education and the Northern Institute, CDU secured the tender to create an online education resource from the Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory (MAGNT), through the Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport. This multidisciplinary resource is aligned to the Australian curriculum. It can be viewed at http://www.defenceofdarwin.nt.gov.au/index.php?id=42

ANTA(1998) A Guide for People Trained in Recognition of Prior Learning working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Melbourne: Australian Training Products Ltd.


T: 8946 6316
F: 8946 6151
E: sue.smith@cdu.edu.au
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT 0909