Competitive Grants

Competitive Grants funding is an initiative of the Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment to provide an opportunity for HDR students and supervisors within EHSE to access additional funding for postgraduate research. 

To access this funding, applicants must complete the relevant application form and submit it to the PGResearch Office. Applications are then presented to the EHSE Research and Research Training Committee for approval.

Students who are not in compliance with mandatory reporting or milestone requirements are not eligible for grants.

Please be aware that not all applications will be successful, success depends largely on the quality and merit of the application.

Supplementary Funding Grant for HDR Students

There has been a change to the Faculty of EHSE Competitive Grants, the Project Development Grant has been merged with the Supplementary Funding Grant creating one grant.

There are two broad application categories:

  • Additional funding may be provided to allow the completion of the student’s substantive HDR project. In short, the funding may be provided to cover an unexpected shortfall in funding to complete the project.
  • Additional funding may be provided to allow for new activities that will yield significant new research findings not anticipated when the substantive project of the HDR student was formulated.

The grant amount is now set at one year’s full-time allocation. At the current time these amounts are $1,600 for a low cost project and $3,600 for a high cost project.

If you are unsure whether you are a low cost or high cost student, please contact the PGResearch Office (x6471 or

Download Application Form (Word 105KB)

Please note: Part-time students have the same funding limits as full-time student for this grant.

Staff and HDR Student Development Course

This Fund is intended for the use of the Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment (EHSE) Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Students.

This grant should be used for staff and student development courses only, and may be utlised for the purposes of funding course grant writing, project management, or discipline specific analytic tools and/or techniques.

If interested in applying for the Course Grant and wish to have a look at the application and guidelines, please contact PGResearch.