Dr Peter Shaw


Senior lecturer - Information Technology


  • Software Engineering
  • Discrete Structures

Research interests

  • Parameterized/multivariate (FPT) algorithms and algorithmic methods - Multivariate algorithms offer solutions to many problem that are intractable using the conventional algorithmic paradigm.
  • Multivariate algorithmic techniques have so far proven useful in areas such as bioinformatics. Applications for FPT algorithms of particular interest are econometrics and analysis of social networking.
  • Predictive analytics and data mining - Predictive analytics combines business intelligence with recent statistical techniques. This research combines this with recent advances in clustering and pattern searching using FPT techniques.

Infectious disease control using mobile phone technology and cryptographic techniques Combinatorial Algorithms

Selected Publications

  • Kernels for packing and covering problems, Jianer Chen, Henning Fernau, Peter Shaw, Jinxin Wang, Zhibiao Yang, Proc FAW 2012, Springer LNCS, (accepted for publication)
  • Design Strategy for a Scalable Virtual Pharmacy Patient, Summons, P.F; Newby, D; Athauda, R; Park, M; Shaw, P; Pranata, I; Jin, J.S; and Xu, Y.D,ACIS 2009 Proc pp. 94
  • Efficient Parameterized Preprocessing for Cluster Editing, Michael R. Fellows and Michael A. Langston and Frances A. Rosamond and Peter Shaw, in Proc FCT 2007, Springer LNCS, pp.312-321
  • The cluster editing problem: Implementations and experiments: Frank Dehne, Michael A. Langston, Xuemei Luo Sylvain Pitre Peter Shaw and Yun Zhang Proc. Int. Workshop on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IWPEC 2006). Springer LNCS. vol. 4169, pp. 13–24
  • Packing Edge Disjoint Triangles: A Parameterized View. Springer-Verlag, Luke Matheson, Elena Prieto and Peter Shaw Proc. International Workshop on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IWPEC 2004), Springer LNCS, Vol. 3126, pp. 127-138
  • Localization, Iterative Compression and Modeled Crown Reductions: New FPT Techniques, an Improved Algorithm for Set Splitting and a Novel 2k Kernelization for Vertex Cover.
  • Springer-Verlag, Frank Dehne, Michael Fellows, Frances Rosamond, and Peter Shaw, in Proc. International Workshop on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IWPEC 2004), Springer LNCS, Vol. 3126, pp. 260-269

Membership of Professional Organisations

Dr Peter Shaw


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F: +61 8 8946 6680

School of Engineering and Information Technology
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Darwin, Northern Territory
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