School of Environment

Science is one of the most versatile areas of study available, opening opportunities across a wide range of disciplines.

At CDU you'll be empowered to tailor your scientific education to suit your future needs and career.

The University's School of Environment is responsible for teaching and research in the fields of biological science, biomedical science, environmental science, chemical science.

Environmental Science

These courses will give you a thorough knowledge of environmental science and management, together with the ability to find information efficiently and apply scientific methodologies.



Scientists are adventurers and driven by curiosity, seeking answers to the many questions we have about the world and the universe.


Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods

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RIEL is equipped and mandated to take a comprehensive approach across the terrestrial, aquatic, coastal and marine ecosystems of the north, and is multidisciplinary in its research across the natural and social sciences.

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