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Undergraduate courses

Diploma of Science

Develop your skills and knowledge in science without committing to a three-year Bachelor degree with the Diploma of Science.

This single-year degree gives you a taste of university, and is ideal if your are interested in finding out if education is the right pathway for you.

Download the Diploma of Science Course Brochure (PDF 4.4MB).

Further information: CDU Course Catalogue: Diploma of Science

Course Coordinator

Dr Sean Bellairs

Bachelor of Science

Study towards a science career with the support of the School of Environment and the School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences.

This course offers flexibility and diversity with a focus on gaining professional experience, whether as a biologist, ecologist, spatial scientist, biomedical scientist, nutritionist, chemist or in other science fields.

Field and laboratory experiences exposes you to the distinctive environments and communities of northern Australia and the region, and their associated challenges in environmental management and public health, including Indigenous health.

Study externally or internally and choose to integrate studies from a variety of areas outside of traditional science disciplines in your science degree.

A range of options for pathways to courses offered by Flinders University, James Cook University and Australian National University (ANU) are also available.

Download the Bachelor of Science Course Brochure (PDF 1.9MB).

Further information: CDU Course Catalogue: Bachelor of Science

Course Coordinator

Dr Sean Bellairs

Bachelor of Environmental Science

This professionally oriented and multidisciplinary program helps you gain a broad base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in unique environments of the Northern Territory. It includes a strong focus on environmental science and management in tropical and desert environments in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.

Gain thorough knowledge of environmental science and management, together with the ability to access information efficiently and apply scientific methodologies across a hierarchy of scales ranging from organisms and communities, through to landscape level ecosystem functioning and global processes, in order to evaluate, understand and predict the nature of environmental change.

Download the Bachelor of Environmental Science Course Brochure (PDF 4MB)

Further information: CDU Course Catalogue: Bachelor of Environmental Science

Course Coordinator

Dr Christine Schlesinger

For further information please contact the School of Environment and ask to speak to the course coordinator.

T: 08 8946 6781