Step 2 - Prepare to enrol

Student ID number

The offer email you have received contains your student ID number.  You will need this number to activate your computer account. Your student number also becomes your User ID/Username when you log on to university systems.

Activate your computer account

Your student computer account is the username and password you use to gain access to various information services provided by CDU, including accessing:

To activate your computer account, visit My Computer Account, click on 'activate my computer account', and enter the required details.

Find out more about your computer account and internet usage at CDU

Contact ITMS Support on 8946 6600 for assistance.

Advanced Standing

(also known as credit transfer or exemptions)

If you have already completed units at another university or as part of another course at CDU, you may wish to apply for credit transfer of relevant units to your new course.

In some cases you may have to wait on the outcome of your application for credit transfer to know which units to select for enrolment for this semester. We strongly suggest that you submit your Application for Exemption as soon as you have accepted your offer to ensure your applications is processed in time for you to enrol and commence your studies at the beginning of the semester.

To apply for Advanced Standing please submit an Application for Exemption form together with the supporting documents as listed on page 2 of the form.

See CDU's Credit Transfer and Pathways for information on guaranteed credit transfer arrangements. If you have more questions about Advanced Standing search 'Ask CDU'.

Check your study plan and decide on your units

To find your study plan visit the courses website, search for your course and then select the 'Study Plan' tab.

It may be a good idea to bookmark this page or write down the unit codes you wish to enrol in. This will help you with your next step.

If you are not strictly following the study plan then the below information may be of help when selecting units:

  • Ensure Common Units are completed in the first year of study
  • Maintain the basic order in which units are to be attempted
  • When selecting electives choose from the correct level. The first number of the code gives the level at which the subject is taught. For example BAC123 would be a first year unit, BAC234 would be a second year unit, etc. (Note: For undergraduate courses there are maximum and minimum limits on the number of units you can do at the different levels. Check your course structure for this information).
  • If you are studying on campus and selecting electives, you will need to check the timetable to ensure you don't have any clashes before you enrol. (The timetable is scheduled to ensure no core units clash within each study plan, so your electives need to fit around your core unit/s).
  • Check the assumed knowledge for each unit as some 200 and 300 level units assume you have completed foundation unit/s in the subject area at a lower level. 200 level units have the unit code which includes a number starting wtih 200 e.g. BAC 234.

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