National Innovation Systems Review submission

13 May 2008

The Northern Territory Research and Innovation Board agreed at its March meeting to prepare a submission to the National Innovation Systems Review and contracted CDU’s Professor Stephen Garnett to prepare the submission under the NTG/CDU partnership agreement Certificate of Exemption.

Professor Garnett subcontracted Mr Larry Bannister and Mr Ken Johnson as contributors to the submission, which was prepared under the direction of the Board.

The submission, Positioning the Northern Territory in a New Innovation Era, made the case for an Outback Innovation Zone, comprising remote and very remote Australia with unique challenges and opportunities for innovation, along with a range of comments and suggestions relating to principles for participation by the public sector in innovation, national innovation priorities, barriers to innovation, program duplication, R&D tax concessions, governance and the cooperative research centres program.

Submissions to the Review closed on 30 April.

Apart from the submission by the NT Research and Innovation Board, separate submissions were also made by the Northern Territory Government and Charles Darwin University, among others.

Outcomes of the Review are expected to available by end of July 2008.

Key objectives

  1. Economic Development
  2. Social and Cultural Development
  3. Environmentally Sustainable Development

About the partnership

The Partnership Agreement provides for the economic and social development of the Northern Territory to be supported by a robust and resilient University working in partnership with government agencies and the wider community to contribute to education, research, policy development and program delivery.