Staff sharing arrangements

13 May 2008

Dr Simon Townsend, Principal Scientist/Manager, Aquatic Health Unit from the Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts (NRETA) has been seconded to CDU for three years to contribute to the significant Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRaCK) project.

Dr Townsend will work on research projects within TRaCK’s Food Webs and Biodiversity Theme in collaboration with TRaCK staff. The projects are aimed at developing a better understanding of food web interactions, food web subsidies and flow ecology relationships.

Dr Townsend will also contribute to the Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Resources Theme within the School of Environmental Research.

Some of this research will be undertaken in direct collaboration with the NRETA.

“I am very excited about the unique opportunities provided by this appointment’” Dr Townsend said.

“I will be able to further develop my research and scientific skills, which was limited in my NRETA position, and also contribute to knowledge-based water resource management in the Top End.”

The appointment is one of a number of shared staffing arrangements which serve to recruit and retain academically prepared experts in appropriate fields, as well as boosting local capacity and resources.

Key objectives

  1. Economic Development
  2. Social and Cultural Development
  3. Environmentally Sustainable Development

About the partnership

The Partnership Agreement provides for the economic and social development of the Northern Territory to be supported by a robust and resilient University working in partnership with government agencies and the wider community to contribute to education, research, policy development and program delivery.