Machinery of Government Workshop

26 March 2009

A one-week core training workshop on ‘Machinery of Government’ was provided to participants
of the Department of Health and Families Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Professional
Development Program – Stepping Up through the Northern Territory Government/Charles Darwin University Partnership Agreement.

The Stepping Up Program is a unique initiative established by the Department of Health and Families,
that aims to achieve meaningful and sustainable improvements in career development and retention
of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.

Workshop content included information regarding constitutional arrangements, the legislative
and policy process and Government control and accountability. Information was provided by both
University and Northern Territory Government staff and allowed participants to gain an overview
of how government systems operate, who key people are and to gain a broad understanding of
linkages across departments.

The workshop was well received by participants with one commenting, “A fantastic opportunity to
broaden the scope of knowledge around the government machine. This course was the eyes
that helped the right hand know and see what the left is up to!”

More information regarding the Stepping Up Program can be obtained by phoning Brenda Fulton
at the Department of Health and Families on 8999 2436.





Key objectives

  1. Economic Development
  2. Social and Cultural Development
  3. Environmentally Sustainable Development

About the partnership

The Partnership Agreement provides for the economic and social development of the Northern Territory to be supported by a robust and resilient University working in partnership with government agencies and the wider community to contribute to education, research, policy development and program delivery.