Procurement Policy under the Partnership Agreement

Procurement arrangements under the newly signed agreement have not changed: the Standing exemption from the Public Quotation/Tender process remains in place under Procurement Directions PR78. The exemption applies where the services required contribute to the outcomes of the Partnership Agreement.

The Northern Territory Government has approved through Procurement Direction PR7 a standing exemption from the Public Quotation/Tender process for procurement activity under the Partnership Agreement. The standing exemption only applies to the requirement for Public Quoting/Tendering. All other Government Procurement requirements continue to apply.

The standing exemption can be accessed where the services required fall under the core Outcomes in the Partnership Agreement.

Procurement activity under the Partnership Agreement uses a single procedure regardless of contract value, outlined in the procurement process flowchart (pdf, 22.33KB).

To support this process, unique documentation is available:
Guiding principles for negotiating joint projects under the CDU/NTG Partnership Agreement (.docx)
Request for tender (.doc)
• Tendering and contract conditions (pdf, 108.89KB)

The Office of Research and Innovation at CDU provides a single, first point of contact for NTG agencies seeking further information on the University. The Office is available on 8946 6090 or
The Office of Research and Innovation is able to assist in:
• Confirming CDU have the necessary expertise
• Defining the scope of the activity
• Defining the method of pricing
• Determining an achievable timeframe for completion of the work
• Negotiating a mutually acceptable timeframe
• All procurement under the Partnership Agreement must be submitted through the NTG APRO system (Agency Purchased Requisitions Online).
The Partnership Secretariat can also provide assistance with the procurement process.