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HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing

A CDU nursing graduate will be:

  • a competent, caring, compassionate, reflective health professional who is a problem solver, critical thinker and who can make informed decisions in the organisation and management of health care to all members of the Australian population and her neighbours
  • a knowledgeable worker who can communicate respectfully across different cultures and within the health profession and who can access and retrieve information and use technology to inform their practice within a legal and ethical framework, and as part of a multidisciplinary team

CDU Core AttributeAttribute
Personal Practical KnowledgeAcquisition
Can identify, retrieve, evaluate and use relevant information and current technologies to advance learning and execute of work tasks
Is an efficient and innovative project planner and problem solver, capable of applying logical and critical thinking to problems across a range of disciplinary settings and has self-management skills that contribute to personal satisfaction and growth
Can conceive of imaginative and innovative responses to future orientated challenges and research.
Knowledge Base
Has an understanding of the broad theoretical and technical concepts related to their discipline area, with relevant connections to industry, professional, and regional and indigenous knowledge
CitizenshipCommunication skills
Demonstrates oral, written, and effective listening skills as well as numerical, technical and graphic communication skills in a cross generational environment
Team work
Has a capacity for and understanding of collaboration and co-operation within agreed frameworks, including the demands of inter-generational tolerance, mutual respect for others, conflict resolution and the negotiation of productive outcomes
Social responsibility
Is able to apply equity values, and has a sense of social responsibility, sustainability, and sensitivity to other peoples, cultures and the environment
World ViewFlexibility
Can function effectively and constructively in an inter-cultural or global environment and in a variety of complex situations
Can exercise initiative and responsibility, taking action and engaging others to make a positive difference for the common good

This program offers a unique focus on rural and remote health throughout Australia. CDU is uniquely positioned to provide our students with primary health care placements in rural and remote settings and with a strong Indigenous health focus.

As the only university in the Northern Territory (NT), CDU has developed strong partnerships with all public hospitals, the only private hospital, and a wide range of community, mental and allied health providers throughout the NT.

Students doing their placements in the NT enjoy a singular educational experience.

Before you enrol, CDU would like to provide you with some important information regarding the practicum components of this course.

Please read all the information in the link below about Clinical Teaching Blocks (CTBs), placements and preclinical requirements before enrolling.

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HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing

We note that the HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing is designed to facilitate appropriate student progression (unit sequencing in the study plan builds upon the knowledge that is obtained in previous semesters). The Faculty advises all students to follow the study plans contained in the 2018 Enrolment and Clinical Information Handbook as any deviation is likely to increase the course duration (extend the completion time for the course).

If you wish to make any changes to the study plan provided please advise the College of Nursing and Midwifery Customer Service Officer (CSO) prior to changing your enrolment to minimise the impact of any deviation from the recommended study plan.

Students seeking Recognition of Prior Learning are required to complete a VET 110 Application for Credit Transfer or VET 121 RPL Application form.

More information about studying with CDU can be found on our Orientation website.

Important information for Clinical Training Blocks

CTB (Clinical Training Block) is an integral component of the course.  Attending placement is dependent on successful completion of each of the three semesters CTBs. These CTB’s are mandatory and must be successfully completed prior to students attending clinical placements.

A CTB is a ten-day intensive program which provides students with an opportunity to practice specific nursing interventions, integrate theory into practice and develop an understanding of the requirements of professional nursing practice according to the NMBA Enrolled Nurses Standards for Practice (2016). It is also a great opportunity for students to meet each other, form friendships and study groups and get to know the lecturers who teach in the Nursing programs.

All CTB’s are timetabled per semester of delivery and dates are available through the HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing Central site.

All students must attend all complete CTB prior to clinical placement. To be eligible for a CTB, students must have successfully completed the pre-requisite unit/s and have a green light for their pre-clinical documentation.

Important information for Placements

The Placement Office is responsible for all administrative aspects of arranging clinical placements. The role of Placement Officers is to negotiate and arrange placements for students in their allocated States, liaise with Health Facilities, and act as a first point of contact for students and Health Facilities for administrative matters.

It's important to understand that the Placement Officers are the only people authorised to negotiate placements. Students must always contact the Placement Officer to request to arrange or modify a placement. Preceptors, academic staff, Clinical Supervisors and Nurse Unit Managers organise placements through the Placement Office. A placement is not confirmed until the Placement Office provides the student and the Health Facility with a confirmation notice. Any change to a placement requires written confirmation by the Placement Office.

Note: Placement Officers are not academic staff and therefore questions about assessment requirements or problems on placement must be directed to the Unit Coordinator.

Many resources are directed towards sourcing high quality clinical placements for students. All students are allocated  placements by the Placement Officers who each manage specific States and Territories. Each State and Territory have different requirements for requesting placements that CDU must follow. This can cause delays in the Placement Officer confirming a placement for a student. Placement Officers will not look for placements for students that are not enrolled and/or having missing pre-clinical documentation. Once the Placement Officer has a confirmed placement, this will be allocated to a student that is enrolled, is assigned to the relevant CTB or has completed the CTB, is placement ready for the entire placement period (nothing will expire), and the placement location is close to the student's home where possible.

Manuals and guidelines

Clinical placement information

Students enrolled in the HTL54115 Diploma of Nursing course at Charles Darwin University (CDU) who are undertaking units which involve a clinical placement must meet all pre-clinical requirements set by the University. This ensures compliance with State/Territory legislation and Health Care Facility requirements.

All mandatory documentation is to be submitted prior to the nomination period for each placement unit. Students will not be assigned to a Clinical Training Block (CTB) without being placement ready. Students already enrolled in a placement unit will not have placements found for them until they have met the pre-clinical requirements.

Some requirements will take longer to obtain so students are to advise the Pre-Clinical Coordinator of what is missing and provide evidence of having commenced the process to obtain these documents. If students have concerns about obtaining their pre-clinical documents, they are encouraged to speak to the Pre-Clinical Coordinator by email at or phone 08 8946 7035.

Some required documents will expire during a student's studies. It is the responsibility of the student to provide updated/current documents PRIOR to the expiry date of the documents that have previously been provided.

Find out more about Pre-clinical requirements.

All documentation needs to be submitted as certified true copies:

Via email (in pdf format)

Or by post to the following address:

Charles Darwin University
EHSE Preclinical Coordinator, Blue 5
Darwin, NT 0909 

Or in person to Blue 5.1.50 on the Casuarina campus.

Please mention the student number and the study course on the top right corner of each preclinical document.

HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing students can log in to check their own pre-clinical status by clicking on the below button:

Pre-clinical status button

CDU switch board 08 8946 6666
Ask for Clinical Placement Office for Bachelor of Nursing students in relevant state or territory.

Ann Bolton
Phone:  03 9918 4616

Kobi Schutz
Phone:  08 8946 7441

Mel Dudson
Phone:  08 8946 7735

Phone:  08 8946 6744
         :  08 8946 7035

Information for Health Facilities provides resources needed CDU and external staff.