Changes to your enrolment

During your time at Charles Darwin University, you may wish to make changes to your enrolment. This may include reducing units, changing course, studying cross institutionally or extending your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

For information on how to apply for this, please select the option from below and complete the online application, or contact the relevant department.

Extending your studies (CoE extension)
Subject selection
Trouble enrolling?
Reducing your enrolment
Changing course

Extending your studies (CoE Extension)

A Confirmation of Enrolment is a legal document produced by a Registered Education Provider which indicates the full time duration of a program. International students on student visas are expected to complete their program by the course end date identified on their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

In order to complete the program of study by the designated course end date, a higher education student needs to enrol and successfully complete 40 credit points per semester. VET students are required to complete the required number of hours and successfully complete all units of study.  In some instances, international students may not be able to successfully complete their program within the duration outlined on their CoE. In these cases, the student would need to apply for a new CoE. Reasons for this might include:

  • Failed units
  • Ongoing placement
  • Approved reduced study load

In cases such as these, students will need to apply for a new CoE to complete their studies internally. If a student applies and does not have sufficient reason for requiring a CoE, or has not demonstrated a full time study load previously, their application will be assessed more thoroughly.

In order to apply for a CoE extension, students can complete an online CoE extension application form and provide the following evidence/documentation:

  • Detailed explanation of the circumstances leading to this request i.e. why were you unable to complete your program within the normal duration

If you have any questions in relation to this process, please contact the International Support Team via email at

APPLY ONLINE: CoE Application
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Subject selection

The Academic Liaison Unit are best placed to provide you with advice regarding subject selection. They can provide you with an individual study plan that will guide you throughout your program and assist when enrolling.

To find out more information regarding the services offered by the Academic Liaison Unit please visit their website.

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Trouble enrolling?

If you are having difficulties enrolling into subjects, please visit the Student Central for further advice.

They are located at Orange 1, Casuarina Campus or you can email them at

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Reducing your enrolment

As an international student, it is expected that you will complete your program of study within the duration outlined on your CoE. This means that all international students are required to undertake a load of 40 credit points per semester.

Each application for reduced study load is assessed on a case by case basis by the international support team. If you wish to make an application you can do so by completing the application for reduced study load application form.

Applications are assessed as per the National Code requirements, and can be approved in only certain circumstances. These include:

  •  Compassionate or compelling circumstances (e.g. illness, disability bereavement, traumatic experience). This must be supported by recent and thorough medical evidence, detailing the medical condition and the nature and duration of treatment being carried out for this. If you wish to keep this information confidential, this may be sighted by our CDU counsellors for confirmation.

  • Inability to enrol in 40 credit points due to course structure or limited subject availability as confirmed by the Academic Liaison Unit. If units are unavailable in a semester, you are required to communicate with the Office of International Services on this issue to allow the impact on your CoE to be reviewed.

  • You are identified as a student at risk of achieving unsatisfactory progress and a Learning Management Plan (LMP) has been put in place. If you have achieved unsatisfactory course progress and been identified as under Progression, you will likely be issued an LMP to assist in getting back on track with your studies. This is issued by the Progression team, and automatically approves you for a reduced study load. This does not need to be reviewed by the Office of International Services before reducing your enrolment.

If you wish to reduce your study load you will need to complete a reduced study load application form, to be formally assessed by the Office of International Services.

APPLY ONLINE: Reduced Study Load

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Changing course

Making the decision to change your program is an important one and should be thoroughly researched. When making the decision to change programs it is beneficial to meet with the Course Coordinator of the program that you wish to transfer to. This meeting is important as you will be able to discuss topics like credit transfer, duration of program and entry requirements.

Higher Education:

In order to apply to change your course, current international students will need to submit a new application for the new course online at

Please include the followings:

We will assess your application after grade release date. For grade release date of the current semester, please visit

Note: To be eligible to change your program, you must meet all the admission requirements (i.e. academic, English and GTE criteria) of the course that you are applying for.

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