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Letter of completion
Confirm my status as a student
CoE extension
Reduced study load
Letter of release
Apply for a refund

Letter of completion

International students who have recently completed their studies may request a Letter of Completion. This letter is only provided to students whose status has changed to “complete” on the student system and are eligible to graduate.

Prior to submitting a request to obtain a Letter of Completion you must submit the Nomination to Graduate form (EGT104) to the Information Centre (Casuarina Campus, Building Orange 1 or by email to student.admin@cdu.edu.au).

Please ensure you write 'International for visa purposes' on the top of the form and highlight it. After you have submitted the Nomination to Graduate form, please ensure you logon to MYSTUDENT INFO and check if your status has changed to 'Complete'.

Once your status has changed to 'Complete' you can then apply for a Letter of Completion by emailing graduation@cdu.edu.au

Confirm my status as a student

In some instances, certain students may require letters confirming their status as students at Charles Darwin University. These letters are often required by governments, institutions and other bodies. These letters include the following:

  • Program of study
  • Date commenced
  • Expected completion
  • Percentage of course completed

On special request, fees paid or due for a given semester can be indicated on the letter. You must clearly request this in the online form.

In order to request a confirmation letter, please send an email to international@cdu.edu.au, ensuring you include your full name and student number.

When requesting a confirmation letter, please allow three days for this to be processed. The letter will be sent to your CDU email in PDF format. If you require a physical copy, please request this and it will be made available at the Office of International Services reception in Orange 2.1.

CoE extension

As an International student, you are required to complete your program within the standard duration, as stated in your CoE. It is a condition of your student visa that you study a full time study load, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Standard 9 of the National Code states that the University must monitor the enrolment of all lnternational students, to ensure they complete their course within the expected duration of their CoE. According to the National Code, students are only permitted to extend the duration of study for their course in limited circumstances. These circumstances can include, but are not limited to:

  • Compassionate or compelling circumstances (e.g. illness where a medical certificate states that the student was unable to attend classes)
  • Following implementation of an intervention strategy for students who are at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress (e.g. students places on a Learning Management Plan following identification as Under Review or Unsatisfactory Progression)
  • An approved deferment or suspension of study having been granted (i.e. intermission).

To apply for an extension of your CoE, please complete the online form through the below link.

Please Note: Applications are not processed until results for the current semester have ben released. To find out grade release dates for this semester, please look at Important Dates.

What to expect after you submit the online CoE extension form:

  • You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been successfully received
  • Applications are assessed no sooner than grade release date of the study period in which you apply for the extension
  • Your CoE may expire before you receive an outcome. This is nothing to worry about, as your visa is still active. If you are eligible for a CoE extension, you will receive your new CoE before your visa expires.

Apply Online: CoE Extension

Reduced study load

All international students are required to maintain a full time study load (40 credit points per semester) unless otherwise instructed or approved (i.e. following unsatisfactory progress). If you are not able to complete a full time study load in any given study period then you will need to apply for approval. To find out further information about study load please click here.

To submit an application for reduced study load please complete the online form available by clicking the link below:

Apply Online: Reduced Study Load

Letter of release

All international students are required to obtain a Letter of Release from Charles Darwin University if they wish to transfer to another education provider within the first 6 months of their principle program.

Letters of release are only granted in certain, exceptional circumstances.

Apply Online: Letter of Release

Apply for a refund

Refund of tuition fees will be made in accordance with the Charles Darwin University Refunds Policy.

There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if students change their minds about studying at the university. No refunds will be issued for Semester 1 after 31 March and for Semester 2 after 31 August for continuing students.

Under the conditions outlined in the policy, it may be possible for a student to obtain a full or partial refund. An applicaiton fee of $200 (included in tuition fees) is non-refundable in all cases except in extenuating circumstances.

To apply for a refund you will need to fill out an International Student Refund Request form and submit to the international office via email to international@cdu.edu.au.

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