Getting Started

It is important to be prepared for you classes within the first week. You can do so by ensuring you are ready to attend classes, and have the correct learning materials.

Arriving on campus

When you have arrived in Australia and set up your accommodation, report to the reception area at your relevant campus to complete an arrival form. At Casuarina campus, this is located in the Office of International Services at Orange 2.1.

If you are at our Melbourne and Sydney campuses and unsure where to go, visit campuses and centres for address and contact details, or a campus map.

If you have already received your OSHC card, bring this with you.

First point of contact

When you first arrive in Australia, it is important to visit your campus to meet the staff and complete your arrival form to let us know that you're here.

If you are in Darwin, you can visit the Office of International Services in Orange 2.1 to meet your International Support team, and get some advice on starting out. At orientation, you will receive information on the following:

  • how to enrol and find your timetable online
  • arranging banking, accommodation, email address, student card and other concerns
  • more information about the University and your new city
  • information regarding your responsibilities as a student visa holder.

International Student Orientation

International student orientation is held in the week prior to the commencement of higher education classes, and runs over several days. When you are arranging your travel to Australia, please ensure you arrive in time to attend orientation, as this event is compulsory.

The purpose of the international student orientation is to provide new students with an introduction to Charles Darwin University and your new city.

Topics covered include:

  • enrolment
  • student visa rules and regulations
  • support services available at CDU
  • campus tours.

We also provide lots of fun activities designed to familiarise you with our campus, and have heaps of great prizes available during the event! Find out more at Orientation.

Paying your CDU fees

As an international student, you are required to pay your CDU fees in full by the first day of class each semester. If you are unable to make payment by this date for compassionate or compelling circumstances, you are required to make an application for fee extension to the Compliance Officer at

If you fail to pay your fees by the extended date, you risk having your enrolment and CoE cancelled.

 Disability Services 

Charles Darwin University is committed to providing an accessible, supportive, safe and inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities. 

If you have a permanent or temporary physical or sensory disability, learning disability, medical illness or a psychological condition that may impact on your ability to access and participate in study and other services at CDU, you are advised to contact the Disability Liaison Officers. Find out more at Disability Services.

If you are affected by a disability and wish to discuss this with one of our disability liaison officers, please contact Equity Services

T: 08 8946 6288


Timetables can be found online and can be individualised for your enrolled units by campus. Ensure that if you are enrolled online, you know when the lecture will be taking place, so you can take part through Collaborate. It is important to also take into account your limitations on external study, as a condition of your student visa. This will be explained further at orientation.


Textbook requirement information will be distributed by your lecturers in the first week of classes. It is important to buy the correct textbook, and keep up with class readings. You can purchase textbooks on Casuarina campus at the Bookshop, or online.

Free postage is available to Melbourne, Sydney or external students.

Subject selection

Students can enrol in subjects as per their study plan, which can be found online through the course outline. You may wish to personalise your study plan – to do so, you can contact the Academic Liaison Unit team.

Student ID card

When a student has been successfully enrolled, they can receive a student card. To obtain this, you can visit your campus reception where you can either have it printed on the spot, or complete an order form.

You must display photo ID such as your passport in order to receive a student ID. Your student ID will allow access to certain benefits, such as discounted bus tickets and movie tickets.

Sport and recreation

Charles Darwin University offers a range of sporting clubs and facilities, including University Pirates Rugby League Club, and discounted access to the on campus gym.