How much does it cost?

The total cost depends on whether you are applying through an agency who provide a package of extra services or by direct enrolment. Your home university may also charge a fee for administering the program or may have a packaged study abroad program for their students.

Below is a list of expenses that you may incur as a Study Abroad or Exchange student:

Tuition fees

Study abroad fees are $8,080 AUD per semester.

You may be eligible to be an exchange student (and therefore pay your normal fees to your home university) if your University is listed on our list of exchange partners. We recommend that you contact your home institution in the first instance if you are interested in applying as an exchange student.

Compulsory overseas student health cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a compulsory requirement for a student visa holder. OSHC Worldcare is the preferred OSHC provider for Charles Darwin University. The University requires students to pay full OSHC Worldcare costs for the duration of the course in one initial payment.

Duration Cost
1 Semester (6 Months) $218 AUD
2 Semesters (12 Months) $435 AUD

Student visa fee

The student visa application fee is $540 AUD and must be paid at the time your application is lodged. The fee is generally not refunded if your application is unsuccessful. For more information on applying for a student visa, find out more at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


Accommodation costs vary depending on whether you choose to live on or off campus. As a general guide you should allow between $150 AUD and $180 AUD per week for accommodation. Find out more about accommodation options.

Living Expenses

The Australian Government recommends a single student budget of approximately $350 per week for living expenses (including accommodation).