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CDUfiles provides staff with access to your corporate files on your smart phones, tablets and personal devices either on or off campus in a simple fashion. Your files will be available on your device by either using a freely downloadable client (on supported devices) or via a webpage based interface.

Logging into CDUfiles will require the following login credentials:
Username: your CDU email address
Password: your current valid CDU password
Note: For tablet and phone applications, use when asked for server name during initial setup. 

ITMS have prepared a CDUfiles User Guide (PDF 392KB) which covers basic use steps.

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Using Egnyte technology, CDUfiles introduces a cloud component to your corporate network shares. This means that CDU staff will have access to their corporate data on most platforms without the hassle of VPN installations.

Some of the benefits available include:

  • Ease of Use – The interface is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Portability – Egnyte is offered on Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows devices. This makes it easier for CDU staff to access corporate data as there is little to no limitations on platform.
  • Backup - You can be assured that your data is safe as regular backups are performed to reduce risk of data loss.
  • Security – Egnyte gives CDU staff the ability to access the corporate shares via a cloud-based interface however the data is still stored locally at CDU.

The table below outlines what each of the ADAPT file storage services should be used for

What to put where

When using CDUfiles, you might be prompted to download and install a tool called 'WebEdit' onto your computer if you opt to edit a file using the web-interface. WebEdit enables you to select a file from the web-interface and automatically open it in its native application. Changes you save will automatically appear in the cloud as new versions.

This is useful because it allows you to edit and save your documents and files without the need to save it to your desktop.


CDU Computers

WebEdit will be made available to staff as CDUfiles is released. It will be automatically installed on CDU computers.

Personal Computers

To install WebEdit on a personal computer:

  1. click the menu Icon (three horizontal stacked bars) in the top right corner of the CDUfiles screen and select settings
  2. select the menu Icon on the settings page and choose Egnyte Apps
  3. scroll down and choose Egnyte WebEdit and download.

CDUfiles uses Egnyte which is an industry leader of enterprise file services. Egnyte provides world-class security and control for all of its customers. In addition to providing maximum protection for data storage, sharing and access, Egnyte also adheres to strict government compliances and privacy regulations.

Egnyte also offers a multi-layered security process which is designed to help protect CDU staff from experiencing intrusions into their privacy.

For a detailed breakdown of security features, check out Egnyte’s page on security and privacy.

Please note: all files are stored at the the data centre located in the Casuarina CDU campus and adhere to the Master Service Level Agreement in regards to backup and retention.

The mobile application for Egnyte can be found on a variety of devices:

Find out about other CDUfiles compatible devices

Please note: You need to select Other Login Options on Android and iOS devices and when prompted to enter the server name/URL ( on your preferred device, please use along with your email address and password to login.

IssueDetails and Symptoms of the IssueResolution or Workaround
Trouble with WebEdit FeatureEgnyte WebEdit allows users to edit files using native installed applications. User cannot use WebEdit until it is installed.Resolution
Install the applications using the guides.
Synchronize a folder to the desktopA user wishes to sync a desktop folder to their Egnyte, or a corporate folder to their desktop.Resolution
This feature is not supported. Users should manipulate files and folders as required on the master file system and not store files locally, by design.
Please see alternative products such as OneDrive, when available.
Date format is US styleWhen sharing a file, date format is US style mm/dd/yyKnown issue.

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ADAPT Technologies

The ADAPT technologies make it easier to access your work across a variety of devices.

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