Cisco AnyConnect and Web VPN

If you want to connect, via VPN, to the CDU network you should be using Cisco AnyConnect.

Use the following

  • (for both internal and external access to corporate applications)
  • (for external access to the CDU network)

Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco AnyConnect should be on all CDU Staff computers, if you can't find it you can go to Software Catalogue and install it. AnyConnect can be started from the "Start">"All Programs" menu as shown below. The status of the connection can be checked by clicking on the "Show Hidden icons" button in the lower right hand side of your screen, near the clock.

AnyConnect VPN

Other Options

To access CDU Corporate applications or File shares from a computer that does not have the CDU Managed Operating Environment (MOE) installed, there are 2 options.

Cisco AnyConnect on Private Computers

  1. The AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client can be installed from the WebVPN (See below). This will allow you to connect to the respective CDU resource, in much the same way as you do on a CDU MOE computer, by running a VPN client program.


  1. Web access is available by connecting your favourite Internet browser to one of the following internet addresses (urls):
    • For access to Corporate applications use the url

      The main corporate applications are selectable from a list, as shown below. Other applications can be accessed by either entering the relevant url in the "Address" bar and clicking "Browse", or by browsing to an appropriate web page link.

      Corporate Applications Web Portal


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