Learning and Teaching

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Success

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Success, encompasses the following:

  • Academic matters relating to higher education (HE) and VET
  • Academic planning and policy
  • Quality assurance through TEQSA and ASQA
  • Teaching and learning development, including innovation
  • Develop and implement a Learning and Teaching Plan

Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)

  • Professional Development activities specific to Teaching and Learning
  • Coordination of Learnline - the university's online learning management system
  • Support for the production of quality print, multimedia and web-based materials
  • Assistance in unit and course design and development
  • Teaching and Learning Awards
  • Quality assurance for HE (TEQSA) and VET (ASQA), including internal and external audits
  • Liaison with internal and external stakeholders
  • Accreditation and Scope of Registration
  • Provides teaching, learning and research that contributes to the economic, social, cultural and sustainable development of the region
  • Enhances student learning through courses that are relevant and through opportunities for work-based learning
  • Fosters a sense of community ownership – 'CDU is our university'

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Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)