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Academic Liaison Unit (ALU)

Please make your initial ALU enquiry via Student Central.

Freecall: 1800 061 963

About the ALU

The ALU:

  • provides in-depth knowledge enrolments and examinations rules and processes
  • offers study plans and suggest course progression for continuing students, as detailed in the University course repository
  • advise on administration processes relating to student forms and enrolments
  • provide advice to student regarding special examination and reasonable adjustment applications
  • works closely with Student Central and Equity Services to ensure all student documentation is checked, processed and forwarded to the correct department.
  • staff can refer student questions relating to unit content to relevant academic staff when necessary
  • acts as a conduit, if nominated university staff member does not contact the student.


Casuarina campus, Blue 5.1.02

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Student Progression Officer

The Student Progression Officer (SPO) role has been created to assist students that have been categorised as Under Review for the previous semester because they received fail grades in 50 per cent or more of their enrolled units. The Under Review process is an opportunity for students to voluntarily engage with progression support during the upcoming semester.

This process is regulated by the Higher Education Progression Rules  to ensure that the monitoring of student progress is undertaken as a proactive enabling strategy that aims for the early identification of students at risk and the implementation of flexible, practical and achievable strategies to assist students achieve their learning potential.

During the Semester the Student Progression Officer will liaise with the Academics and will be advised of ‘At Risk’ students. Early warning signs that identify that a student may be struggling can include;

  • NOT visited Learnline for greater than seven days
  • NOT attended class
  • NOT contributed to the discussion board or welcome message sent by the lecturer
  • NOT submitted or failed their first assessment/assignment.

Students who feel as though they may be at risk of failing during the semester are strongly encouraged to contact their Lecturers when issues arise.

Useful links

Forms and Guides

Location for the Student Guide – important information relating student administration processes, important dates and deadlines and student administration forms.

Study Skills

This website aims to identify, develop and enhance the study skills you need to succeed in your chosen course of study.

Student Administration and Equity Services

Student Administration deal with matters including but not limited to: admission, scholarships, student cards, enrolment, fees and changes of enrolment.  You can access information about the university's facilities, services and procedures, or ask a student facilitator any questions you might have.

Equity Services provide support to students in the following areas: careers and employment, personal counselling, support for students with a disability and off-campus accommodation.

Academic Language and Learning Support Program 

This program offers workshops in essay and report writing, time management and exam preparation and English language skills.

External Student Support

Provides the following services:

Dispatch of print-based materials, assignment tracking for external students and external examinations arrangements.


Helpful links for first-time users.

Student Learnline Support

Your first point of contact for Learnline units will always be your lecturer or tutor - check your support materials for their contact details. 

Experiencing problems when logging into Learnline? Check your Student Account Status or contact the ITMS Helpdesk.

Contact details

T:  08 8946 7357  
F:  08 8946 6151 

Opening hours

The ALU office is open weekdays at the following times (excluding public holidays)

Monday         8am - 4pm
Tuesday        8am - 4pm
Wednesday   8am - 4pm
Thursday      8am - 4pm
Friday           8am - 3pm

Student guides

Our publications are informative guides for students studying at CDU.

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