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2015 Library Client Survey

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2012 Library Client Survey results

Between 8 – 31 May 2012, CDU Library conducted its biennial library client survey. Once again library staff are our top performers filling the top 4 spots on the performance rankings list. Other top performers included:

  • when I am away from campus I can access the library resources and services I need
  • The Library website provides useful information
  • Online resources (ejournals, databases, ebooks) meet my learning / research needs

Overall performance levels showed a slight increase from 80.4% in 2010 to 80.5% in 2012 The most significant gaps (Improvement-Performance) are in the following areas:

  • The Library's Summon (one search discovery tool) is easy to use
  • A computer is available when I need one
  • Laptop facilities (e.g. desks, power) in the Library meet my needs

The detailed data analysis report and free form comments are providing us with some excellent insights into what our clients think we do well and what we can look at when determining priorities for action over the coming months. The report is available below, an action plan will be available in August.

Congratulations to Anna Heythorpe and Jane Francis winners of our $200 gift cards.

CDU Library Client Survey Reports and Action Plans 2004-2012

Library Client Survey Detailed Data Report June 2012 report pdf
Survey action plan

Library Client Survey Detailed Data Report June 2010 report pdf
Survey Action Plan 2010 - 2011

Library Client Survey Report 2008 pdf
Survey Action Plan

Library Client Survey Report 2006 pdf
Survey Action Plan

Research Support Survey 2014 Results

Coming soon

Research Focus Group Report with Appendices 2010 pdf


To achieve the highest quality service, we need two way interaction with our clients. Your comments and suggestions enable us to measure how well we are achieving our aims and finding new ways of improving our services within the limits of available funding, services and facilities. To provide feedback:

  • Speak to any member of staff in any of the Campus Libraries
  • Use the library suggestion box located on the Service Desk at each Campus Library
  • Follow us on Facebook and / or Twitter
  • Complete the online TellUs feedback form.


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