The Copyright@CDU website is a general guide to assist CDU staff and students to observe Australian copyright law. It outlines responsibilities and procedures that apply when CDU staff and students use non-CDU material for study, research, teaching or administrative purposes. CDU is committed to the proper observance of copyright law and upholding the rights of both copyright owners and users. Information on this site should not be taken as legal advice and is to be considered relevant to CDU staff and students only. Information and advice on copyright issues that are not CDU-related is available from the Australian Copyright Council.

Information on this site will not deal with the issue of staff and/or students creating original material as part of their employment or studies at CDU. Please refer to CDU's Intellectual Property Policy.

CDU's Copyright Officer

The responsibilities of University Copyright Officer reside with the position of Director Library Services, currently Mr Anthony Hornby. The University Copyright Officer provides the following services:

  • Copyright advice and training for CDU staff and students
  • Administration of licence requirements, including the coordination of surveys required to be undertaken by Collecting Societies eg Copyright Agency Limited, Screenrights, and APRA and AMCOS, ARIA and PPCA
  • Provision and maintenance of training resources on Copyright for CDU staff and students: webpages, training sessions, seminars, pamphlets and brochures.
  • Liaison between Universities Australia, Collecting Societies as above, and the University community regarding copyright issues
  • Processing of payments to the Collecting Societies as above for use of educational licenses
  • Processing of royalties paid to CDU by the Collecting Societies
  • Representing CDU on the national University Copyright Network

For information on any of the above services and the website please contact the University Copyright Officer.