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Pay and Benefits

Please note: Any variations to staff pay are due the Thursday of a pay week for the following fortnight.

The links below allow you to quickly access information about the form and then to open it:

Casual Employment

Casual staff members must complete timesheets for the work that they complete. Casual staff must have their signed and approved timesheets submitted to their area in time for their area to enter timesheets into StaffOnline and then forward to HRS to be paid in the correct pay period. Casual staff should check with their administration office for their cut-off dates for submission of timesheets.

Indigenous support tutors: the Tutor Claim form is to be completed by the tutor and student(s) at each tutorial session:

Camping Allowance

Camping allowance is paid to staff that travel overnight to remote locations where accommodation is not provided. CDU applies the procedures of the Northern Territory Government (NTG) as per Determination 1 and is updated on a yearly basis.  The allowance for 2015 is $104.00 per night.

The Movement Request for Domestic University Travel form must be completed and approved by the relevant manager. Camping Allowance is to be listed on Movement Request for Domestic University Travel under "Other" category.

Change of Address

Staff that have access to StaffOnline can change their address by logging on to StaffOnline and updating their Personal Details.

Previous staff may email with their updated address details.

Staff must notify HRS prior to 20 June of any change in their postal address so that their Payment Summary (Group Certificate) is mailed to the correct address. email:

Change of Hours

Change of hours document (.docx 92 KB)

Disbursement of Net Pay into Financial Institution

Use this form to provide details of the financial institution into which you wish your pay to be deposited. This form may also be used to change details relating to your financial institution, however these changes can be made in StaffOnline, therefore this form should only be used for changing details if you are unable to access StaffOnline.

District Allowance Declaration

Full-time and part-time staff are required to complete a district allowance declaration on commencement with the University. If there are any changes in personal circumstances that may affect the payment of district allowance (e.g. all dependant children reach the age of 18 or details related to your spouse change), you must immediately submit an updated district allowance declaration to HRS.

Statutory Declaration

A statutory declaration should be returned with the district allowance declaration for changes related to the spouse or where confirmation of spouse's total earnings for the last six months is required:

Higher Duties Allowance - (HDA)

This form is to be used when a staff member is appointed to temporarily perform all or partial duties of a higher classified position. (refer Clause: 20 CDU UEA 2013).

Please note: No allowance will be payable unless the staff member performs the duties of the higher classified position for a period in excess of two weeks, or in excess of four weeks for a staff member whose position is designated as a "deputy" or equivalent of a more senior staff member.

Incremental Progression

This form is for Teaching Focussed Academic staff to progress between Steps 5 and 6, and Steps 8

and 9. This form is to be supported by documented evidence of performance.

Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA)

A Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) can arise in circumstances where an allowance is paid by an employer to an employee where the employee is required to live away from his or her usual place of residence on a temporary basis for more than 21 consecutive days in order to perform their employment duties.

The payment of the allowance must be in the nature of compensation to the employee for additional expenses incurred and/or disadvantages suffered because the employee is required to live away from his or her usual place of residence.

Overtime Claim

Use this form to apply for payment for overtime work performed. Overtime Claim for HEW8 and above requires Senior Manager/Executive Manager approval.

Prior Service Recognition

Prior service recognition is normally applied only to the qualifying period for accessing Long Service Leave. Prior service is recognised in the value of the entitlement only to the extent that the prior employer has transferred finances from that institution to the University to be credited to the entitlement.

Organisations which CDU recognise for prior service include other Australian Universities, the Northern Territory Government and Menzies School of Health Research. 

Staff wanting to apply for prior service are required to: 

  1. Forward the Statement of Service From Previous Employer form to your previous organisation within six months from the date of commencement at CDU.
  2. Once completed your previous employer should return the form to you and you should then forward the form to HRS Salaries.
  3. HRS Salaries will email you once your prior service has been recognised or otherwise.

Please note: A claim for recognition of prior service shall only be approved upon the production of satisfactory evidence. To access the Statement of Service from Previous Employer form click on the forms section of the navigation pane on the right hand side of this website.

Remote Delivery Weekend Allowance

Remote Locality Allowance

Request for Deductions from Net Pay

Use this form to request that HRS send nominated amounts from your salary to selected institutions as listed on the form.

Variation to General Ledger Code

This form is used to advise HRS of variations to the general ledger codes for either or both:

  1. Position (cost centre's approved position number or the establishment number)
  2. Occupancy (approved position that an employee occupies)

UniSuper Forms and Resources

UniSuper forms and resources are available from the UniSuper website:

Working from Home Agreement

It is the University’s policy that staff members will not work from home. However, from time-to-time, for a variety of exceptional circumstances University staff members may seek a working from home arrangement as an infrequent alternative work arrangement such as working on a short-term project, during inclement weather or emergency closures. All working from home arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis, focusing on the needs of the University first.

Working from home must conform to acceptable work health and safety standards, and must be undertaken in a way that facilitates acceptable behaviour as described in the University Code of Conduct. In particular, the staff member must continue to provide high quality customer service in all levels of activity. Working from home is a business arrangement and not a staff member entitlement.


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