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Information for Supervisors

Information for Supervisors

Supervisor's Responsibilities / Information

Please note: Any adjustments to staff pay are due the Thursday of a pay week for the following fortnight.

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Prior to New Staff Arrival

Prior to new staff arriving Supervisors must:

  • Arrange a phone
  • Arrange a computer
  • Arrange workspace and stationery requirements
  • Inform other staff that a new staff member will be commencing

Induction Checklists

Supervisors are required to undertake a number of duties related to providing support for new employees including a planned induction to their local work area. Please use the following checklists to ensure these obligations are met:

For assistance or enquiries related to new staff arrival and orientation/induction please contact the Staff Orientation Consultant on 08 8946 6934 or email

Compulsory Orientation Program

During the first month your staff member will receive email invitations to complete the four compulsory orientation programs; three online units and a Cross Culture Training workshop

For the Cross Culture Training workshop they will be asked to register with their preferred time and date. Cross Culture Training workshop calendar. They will be automatically enrolled into the online units. They will need to log into learnline to access the units. The units are shown below:

Online Orientation Programs

  • Fire Awareness and Emergency Evacuation
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • Equal Opportunity: For assistance or enquiries related to Equal Opportunity modules please contact the Organisational Capability Unit: 08 8946 6761 or email:


All staff employed by the University (with the exception of casual staff) will be required to complete a probationary employment period unless otherwise notified in writing.

Supervisors are reminded of the importance of completing the Probation Report before the probation period 'end date'. If the Probation Report is not received by HRS by the probation 'end date' the probationer will pass probation by default.

For assistance or enquiries related to probation please contact a Recruitment Consultant on

08 8946 6904 or email

Performance Development Review System (PDRS)

All staff (excluding casual staff and staff with a contract of less than one year) need a PDRS conversation with their supervisor by 31 March of the year following their commencement date and every year after that by 31 March. Once a discussion has been held, and the PDRS Planning form is signed off by both parties, the supervisor should then go to ePDRS to confirm that the PDRS has been completed. This information is then recorded to give an up-to-date record of who has completed their PDRS and who hasn’t.

Meetings between employees and Supervisors in relation to PDRS should normally occur at least twice each calendar year. One of these meetings will focus on progress towards goals. The PDRS Review form can be used for this purpose.

General Staff Mobility and Advancement Register

Clause 61 of the CDU & Union Enterprise Agreement 2013 provides for a register to be established for general staff to express their interest in temporary employment and secondment opportunities elsewhere in the University.

To enable staff to express their interest in working in other areas of the University they should select the 'General Staff Mobility' button from the main menu on the HRS website and follow the instructions on that page.

The Request for Recruitment Action and Justification (RAJ) form includes a tick box for the supervisor to request access to the General Staff Mobility and Advancement Register to assist in filling vacant positions.


ePDRS is a tool for Supervisors to confirm that they have completed a PDRS conversation for each of their staff (excluding casual staff). Reports from  ePDRS are given to executive management to confirm that a review has taken place.

Click on the ePDRS Assist link below for guidance on using ePDRS and how to log in to VPN.

OR login to ePDRS after connecting to VPN at smartsystems.

For assistance or enquiries related to PDRS and ePDRS please contact OPC Reception on 08 8946 6904 or email

The University is committed to the continuing education and professional development of staff. aims to provide high quality online training that people actually want to learn. users tend to learn more, retain more, and thus increase competency, improve skills, and achieve better learning outcomes.

All courses are delivered by experts rather than narrators. Many trainers are nationally recognised authors, and courses provide detailed biographical information about the expert providing the training.

Each of's more than 2,700 courses is broken into chapters, and each chapter is broken into mini video tutorials, with some only a few minutes long.

Approval for study time to undertake courses during working hours is to be negotiated with the relevant Manager / Supervisor. can be accessed externally to allow you to continue with your studies in your own time.

To access select the button from the menu on the right hand side of the HRS website.

For assistance or enquiries related to online courses through please contact the Staff Orientation Consultant.

T: 08 8946 6934 or email

Staff Computer Accounts

For information and assistance on staff computer accounts for new and existing staff please contact:

HRS Reception on
T: 08 8946 6904 or email
E: or

T: 08 8946 6600 or email
W: ITMS Staff Computer Account Management


eCentre is for staff, students and visitors to CDU.

As a supervisor you can:

  • access and manage information about yourself, your staff and any students you supervise;
  • make 'requests' for phones, system access, computer accounts for visitors and more;
  • complete actions assigned to you;
  • access reports;
  • use self service function of your CDU computer account like password changes and security question updates.

Activating Building Access - After your staff member has been issued with their staff card from

ITMS, activate their building access through eCentre (Requests).

Note: eCentre is managed by the Office of Information Technology and Management Services (ITMS).


StaffOnline for Supervisors

As a Supervisor you use StaffOnline to view and approve any leave requests, approve signed casual staff time sheets, view staff probation, view staff contract expiries and view any applications for positions that you are on the selection committee for. Supervisors can monitor the employment details of their staff in StaffOnline.

To view team members reporting to you:

  • under the menu 'Team Management' click on 'Team Appointment Summary'
  • Click 'Find'. A list of employees reporting to you is displayed, along with their contract dates.
  • Vacancies (if you are on a selection committee for a vacant position you can view vacancy information such as applications).


  • Casual Staff Timesheets are entered into StaffOnline by the area's nominated Cost Centre Administration Officer. Supervisor to approve, sign and date before submitting to the Cost Centre Administration Officer who must enter the details into StaffOnline. The hard copy must then be sent/delivered to HRS for filing.
  • Leave requests (including annual recreation leave, non-attendance time and paid sick leave - all other leave requests will need to be applied for and approved in hard copy form).

When you go to login to StaffOnline, use your computer username and password.

For assistance or enquiries related to StaffOnline call 08 8946 7227 or email

Funding for Graduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (GCUTL)

The GCUTL funding provides support to Schools for the cost of some teaching relief to cover the period when eligible academic staff are undertaking the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (GCUTL), a probationary requirement for Level A and B academic staff teaching Higher Education courses.

Note: GCUTL is administered by EHSE/LEBA Faculty Office, Building Blue 5. For further enquiries please email:

Criminal History Check - (National Police Certificate)

All staff with a Position Profile requiring them to obtain a National Police Certificate need to lodge the application with their local police station. All National Police Certificates are to be returned from SAFE NT to the Staff Orientation Consultant in HRS, Casuarina Campus.

The original receipt is to be lodged with Office of People and Capability (OPC), Casuarina or Alice Springs. Alice Springs HRS staff will forward to HRS, Casuarina. Upon original National Police Certificate being received by HRS Casuarina, reimbursement to staff will be made. All documents relating to the National Police Certificate must only be stored by HRS Casuarina. No copies are to be kept by other areas of the University.

Working With Children Clearance Notice (NT Ochre Card)

Successfully obtaining the Ochre Card along with the Clearance Notice is obligatory for specified members of staff (those undertaking 'child related work'), where possible prior to obtaining employment with the University. Once employed, maintaining a current Ochre Card (valid for two years, unless a relevant change in circumstances results in a Clearance Notice being revoked), is mandatory for continuing employment with the University.  Staff members are required to notify the Director, Office of People and Capability where a Clearance Notice is refused or cancelled.

Note: It is an offence under Northern Territory law to continue to undertake 'child related work' if you do not hold a valid Ochre Card or Clearance Notice.

The original receipt is to be lodged with Office of People and Capability (OPC), Casuarina or Alice Springs. Casuarina staff need to present the original document with card attached to HRS, Casuarina. Alice Springs HRS staff will copy and certify documents and forward to HRS, Casuarina. Regional staff need to present original documents to Campus/Centre Administrators for copying and certification before being forwarded to HRS Casuarina. Upon receipt of original/certified copies HRS Casuarina will arrange reimbursement to staff for all campuses. All documents relating to the Working With Children Clearance (Clearance Notice) must only be stored by HRS Casuarina. No copies are to be kept by an other areas of the University.

For assistance or enquiries related to Criminal History Checks and Working With Children Clearances please contact the Staff Orientation Consultant on 08 8946 6934 or email

Working with Children Clearance Notice Renewal

NT Ochre Card renewals can only be completed once the staff member has received a reminder letter from SAFE NT. This letter will be sent two months prior to the card's expiry. Renew your Ochre Card online.

Once the Ochre Card has been successfully renewed by SAFE NT the staff member must present the original document with card attached to HRS Casuarina, or HRS Alice Springs or the Centre/Campus Administrator for certification. HRS Casuarina will arrange reimbursement to the staff member for the cost of the renewal.

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