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Issue 2, May 2017

The Office of Learning and Teaching distributes a newsletter highlighting recent activities, upcoming PD sessions and updates on current projects.

The topics in this issue are as follows:

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VET QMS Review and Consultation Improvements to the VET QMS are regularly gathered and minor revisions made to the QMS by the VET QMS Standing Committee (a sub-committee of the University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC)). This sits under ULTC due to the fact that the VET QMS is a governance process endorsed by Academic Board. 

However, the change in the date for VET Re-Registration provided an opportunity to undertake a more substantial review.  The objective is to review VETQMS and its components to:

  • assess current relevance
  • ascertain areas where processes can be streamlined
  • identify areas for improvement
  • incorporate changes both internal and external to CDU that have occurred since VETQMS v3 such as ASQA new audit focus

In November, the VET QMS Standing Committee started this process which has to date included:

  • developing a project plan
  • reviewing and gathering all suggestions for change from stakeholders
  • benchmarking against a range of other providers to understand quality systems in other institutions and identify elements that may be of benefit to CDU.
  • reviewing and amending the VET QMS based on the above in terms of:
    • Structure
    • Presentation
    • Substance
    • Associated forms

The Committee has met fortnightly and in blocks over the period from November to present and is now ready to present a revised draft of the VET QMS to stakeholders.  Consultation will be undertaken in a range of ways including workshops, existing committee structures, focus groups, piloting of key processes with the additional options of input via a wiki and email.  Every effort is being made to ensure that staff from across the university and at all locations have the opportunity to input during the consultation period which is open from 8 May to 2 June.  Invitations to provide input will be widely circulated but  at this point there is one consultation meeting scheduled with another one to be advised:

Tuesday 29 May 2017 11am to 1pm
11:00am to 11:30am presentation
11:30am to 12:30/1:00pm feedback sessions
Broadcast via Video Conference from Blue 2A.1.01 to Alice Springs (15.1.02), Darwin Waterfront (TBC) and Palmerston (PAL.A.2.39).

Feedback sessions will be facilitated by 1 VET Developer and a VETQMS SC member. 

Following the consultation the Committee will re-visit the elements of the VET QMS in light of feedback received and a final version will be submitted through the governance channels (VET LTC, ULTC and up to Academic Board).  The intention is that the revised version will go to Academic Board for endorsement at the September 2017 meeting.


Student Academic Integrity at CDUThere are a range of new resources for staff and students available on the ‘Student Academic Integrity at CDU’ website. The site contains resources that have been developed through a cross faculty (LEBA & EHSE) and OLT project with creative input from IMPS.

For students, the resources on the site include cartoon scenarios that are intended to educate about types of academic misconduct and the consequences of breaching academic integrity. The website contains online time management and assessment planning tools and assessment tips which can be used by students to help plan and manage their assessments. These are intended to help students to avoid engaging in academic misconduct as a result of poor planning and time management. There is also a flow chart for students to make transparent and accessible to them the process that takes place if they do face an allegation of academic misconduct.

The resources for students can also be used by staff for educative purposes. In addition, a flow diagram has been developed to provide staff with a step by step guide through the process of investigating student breaches of academic integrity at CDU.

Your TutorThe University has engaged Your Tutor to support students enrolled in 100 Level units delivered through Learnline during Semester 1.
YourTutor is Australia’s leading provider of large­scale, personalised academic support for students from school age through to tertiary study. It has served more than a million students, with many thousands connecting every week for one-to-one, on demand academic literacy support and study help.
Students connect live in real time with an online tutor where they are matched with a subject specialist based on discipline area they may be having difficulty with. The service is available Sunday – Friday, 3pm – midnight which coincides well with students studying predominately online.
Since the beginning of Semester 1 over 2,000 tutorial minutes have been offered by Your Tutor and they have supported over 100 individual tutorials. The average satisfaction by students is rated between good to excellent.
YourTutor provides support for students across several subject areas (listed below) and Academic Foundations. 

Academic Foundations

  • English Skills: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, ESL support.
  • Maths: General, intermediate, specialise/extension, statistics.
  • Writing: Essays, reports, creative writing, speeches.
  • Research: Assignment and project research.
  • Library skills: Database research, online search skills.
  • Study skills: Time management, note taking, revision.
  • Science: General science, biology, physics, chemistry.

Subject Areas

  • Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Statistics

Orientation to Tertiary Teaching at CDU

The mid-year Orientation for Tertiary Teaching at CDU (OTT@CDU) program is now open for registration on the OLT PD Calendar. All higher education full-time, part-time and sessional staff who are in their first six months of teaching at CDU are encouraged to attend this practical, participative and enjoyable program. The program will be run over 2 ½ days from 5th to 7th July and provides the opportunity for new staff to learn more about teaching in the CDU context and to build a support network of academics and other key staff throughout the University. Staff who have attended the program find it is extremely valuable in building their understanding of teaching and learning in the CDU context.

"Thank you so much for this orientation, I couldn’t have wished for a better start at CDU – it provides me with a solid foundation and will increase my effectiveness and performance." - New CDU staff member

Learnline Enhancement RequestsLearnline is a suite of technologies which includes Blackboard Learn which has a range of features such as Blogs, Discussion Boards, Assessments and the Grade Centre,  Blackboard Collaborate that powers our Virtual Classrooms, VoiceThread for immersive audio and video discussion and commenting, ShareStream to host and deliver quality multimedia content and Analytics for Learn to self-review how your subject is performing.

While Learnline provides a great set of tools to support learning and teaching, there is always room for improvement.  If you have a request to enhance your experience while using Learnline you can submit your feedback anonymously via our Learnline Enhancement Request Form.

Alternatively, you can contact the Learnline Development Support team on (08) 8946 6198.

Learnline Unit Site ArchivingArchiving is a critical element of the efficient management of Learnline.  As per our normal operations we will be beginning the archiving of all subject sites from 2014 and older where all students have been resulted. 

We are currently in the process of archive preparation and email notifications will be sent out in the coming weeks to all academics who have responsibility for sites scheduled for archiving. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

Rest assured that during the archiving process, none of the information inside of the sites will be lost however access to these sites will need to be authorised.

If there are any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Learnline Development Support team on (08) 8946 6198.

CDUThe process of preparing for the renewal of CDU’s TEQSA registration is underway. The university’s registration expires on 31 May 2018 and the application for renewal is due to be submitted at least 180 days prior to expiry. The submission is assessed against the Standards outlined in Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 which came in to effect from 1 January 2017. The application will involve the collation of supporting evidence to demonstrate compliance with these Standards and over the coming months we will be working with staff across the university to identify the information required for the application.

Further information on the process will be distributed shortly, however if you have any questions please contact: Lisa Champion, Regulatory Compliance Manager.

VET QMS Review Consultation

  • Tuesday 29 May 2017 11am to 1pm

Learnline Unit Production for Semester 2

  • LDT Review Mode – 22 May 2017
  • Self Review Mode – 13 June

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