Registering for VET Qualifications, Courses & Units

CDU VET qualifications, accredited courses, skill sets and units of competency are registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA); the national regulator for the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

Information on the approved qualifications, accredited courses, skill sets and units of competency that CDU can deliver, are listed on CDU’s scope of registration located at

To amend CDU’s Scope of Registration such as applying for an addition, transfer or removal of an item, requires the completion of a two stage process:

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  • Contact the relevant Training Package Working Group (TPWG), who will commence the Course Planning Process as per the VET Quality Management Systems (VETQMS)
  • The proposer (nominated TPWG member) will prepare a Resource and Planning (R&P) Proposal in CDUs Curriculum Approval Proposal System (CAPS), ensuring all necessary supporting documentation is attached
  • Once all relevant R&P workflows and approvals are complete in CAPS, the TPWG may proceed with the next step of the process.

Further information is available via the Course Planning steps 1 to 6 of the VETQMS Operational Cycle

  • This step requires the preparation of a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) proposal in CAPS, ensuring all necessary supporting documentation is attached
  • Once all relevant TAS workflows and approvals are complete through CAPS, the respective committee (VETLTC or CDULTC) will notify the Accreditation and Registration Team (ART)
  • If the proposal is for an ‘addition’ to CDUs Scope of Registration, the VET Quality Support Officer (VETQSO) will submit an application to ASQA
  • Upon notification from ASQA, the Head of School, TPWG members and relevant VET Developer will be advised of outcome.

Further information is available via the Course Registration steps 7 to 11 of the VETQMS Operational Cycle.

Relevant forms can be found on the CDU Intranet site VET Quality Management System (login required. Contact ART for access).

Timeframes vary, but allow up to 2 – 3 months to complete CDU requirements. However approval from ASQA for additions to scope, may take between 1 week and 2 months after submission. Use the VETQMS Governance Calendar 2016 to assist in planning your course registration. Important to note - appropriate documentation must be submitted to relevant committee at least 1 week prior to meeting date. For further information regarding timelines refer to the VET Registration Timeline below:

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This timeline provides guidance on the timeframes for the registration process of a qualification or accredited course.

The first column indicates the month in which the completed registration submission needs to be approved and submitted by the VET Learning and Teaching Committee (VETLTC).
The second column indicates the month in which teams can expect to be able to enrol students.

The third column indicates the Teaching Period that coincides with each month of the year.

The 8-12 weeks between the date submitted and the month of implementation allows for both the submission to ASQA, the review and approval by ASQA and the system development of the qualification and all associated units.

Submission Required Teaching Commences CDU Important Dates
October (previous year) January Teaching Period 1
November (previous year) February
December (previous year) March
January April Teaching Period 2
February May
March June
April July Teaching Period 3
May August
June September
July October Teaching Period 4
August November
September December

It is understood that at times there may be urgent matters that may require a quicker registration process due to unforeseen circumstances. In this instance OLT will endeavour to assist where possible. However for regular additions and transfers the above timeline should be expected.

Applications for scope are also effected by the time taken by ASQA to review and approve all submissions. Please note that ASQA do not indicate how long an application will take to be assessed, the timeline provided above takes into consideration the average turnaround time. However in rare cases depending upon the industry or application type, the expected timeline from submission to enrolment may be exceeded.

Please contact the Office of International Services regarding the timeline for CRICOS registration for qualifications with International Student Visa target groups.

For further information on this process review the VETQMS Operational Cycle, or contact ART or your School’s TPWG.


Addition: can be a new qualification, accredited course, unit of competency or skill set not previously delivered by CDU, or an upgraded qualification that has not been deemed equivalent as defined in the Training Package.

Transfer: ASQA automatically transfers ‘equivalent’ qualifications and units of competency. Qualifications and units are deemed equivalent when vocational outcomes of the old and new are the same.

VET Teams are not permitted to commence enrolment or delivery processes, once transitioned qualifications and/or units of competency are reflected on, until all internal CDU processes are complete. The internal requirement for transfers remains the same; the only difference is that ART will not be seeking approval from ASQA.