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Future Students

Why choose CDU?

CDU provides a flexible and supportive learning environment for our students and staff.

Am I ready to study?

Interested in studying? Find out what you need to be prepared for studying at university.

What can I study?

From high school and preparatory programs through to vocational education and training, CDU offers prospective students a wide range of study options. Undergraduate, postgraduate and research qualifications are also available.

University enabling programs

Study on campus

Enjoy the benefits of learning on campus, in a dynamic and adult-friendly environment.

Study externally

CDU has thousands of students from all over Australia studying with us via our external study mode.

High school students

Looking for a university that offers flexible study modes to ensure you have a balance of work, study and play?

Indigenous students

CDU helps you adapt to the university environment and meet academic requirements of your course.

International students

With more than 2000 international students from 58 countries studying at CDU, there is a prominent multicultural community.