Master of Indigenous Knowledges (Mawul Rom)

The Mawul Rom Ceremony belongs to the Dhurili Clan Nations, Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land. The word `Rom', means law in Yolngu language, so Mawul Rom is the law of peace-making. Through the generosity of the Yolngu law makers and ceremony holders, Mawul Rom is offered as a legitimate point of entry into ceremonial life and law of the system of Mayadin Law.

This ceremony has been used traditionally for centuries as a conflict resolution and healing process to restore relationships between individuals, groups and clan nations. The ceremony is strongly linked conceptually to non-Indigenous ideals related to mediation, conflict resolution, leadership and decision-making processes. This course provides a cultural space between this ceremony and the academy that draws on both knowledge systems to explore and develop professional knowledge and skills in mediation and negotiation.

Applications are accepted for the Master of Indigenous Knowledges (Mawul Rom) based on a selection process administered by the Mawul Rom Association on behalf of the elders of the clans responsible for Mawul Rom. Applicants to the Mawul Rom Program need to demonstrate that they can fulfil the criteria for application, based on the following: a written application followed by an interview will be assessed by a selection panel and successful applicants of this process will be invited to apply for the Master of Indigenous Knowledges (Mawul Rom).

More information on the course structure and fees can be found in the Charles Darwin University Course Guide.

Application Process

Applications for this course follow a two step process:

  1. Apply to the Mawul Rom Association for an invitation to join this course.  Application forms can be requested from one of the contacts below:
    Brenda Muthamuluwuy
    T: (08) 8946 7237

    Annmarie McLeod
    T: (08) 8946 6482

    People that receive an invitation from the Mawul Rom Association will receive an invitation to apply for admission to the course and may proceed with Step 2.
  2. People who receive an invitation to apply should proceed to the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) website to complete the process. When you application has been processed, you will receive an invitation from Charles Darwin University to enrol in the course.