Policies Under Review

Policies Under Review

Document nameContact
International Students - Transfer Between Registered Providerselise.uys@cdu.edu.au
International Students - Appointment and Monitoring of Education Agentsgirish.iyer@cdu.edu.au
Critical Incident Policygovernance@cdu.edu.au
* All HDR related Policies, Procedures and Guidelinesfiona.quintner@cdu.edu.au
Governance Document Management Frameworkgovernance@cdu.edu.au
Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Referencegovernance@cdu.edu.au
Quality Policygovernance@cdu.edu.au
Risk Management Policygovernance@cdu.edu.au
Student Misconduct Proceduresgovernance@cdu.edu.au
CDU Amenities Privacy Policygovernance@cdu.edu.au
Research Misconduct Allegation Proceduresbrendon.douglas@cdu.edu.au
Bullying Prevention Policygovernance@cdu.edu.au
Public Interest Disclosure Proceduresgovernance@cdu.edu.au
Library Collections Management Policyalex.williams@cdu.edu.au
Library Collections Management Proceduresalex.williams@cdu.edu.au
Commercial Work Policybrendon.douglas@cdu.edu.au
Commercial Work Proceduresbrendon.douglas@cdu.edu.au
International Students - Monitoring Course Progress and Attendance Procedureselise.uys@cdu.edu.au
International Students Policyelise.uys@cdu.edu.au
Indigenous Peoples Policyshane.motlap@cdu.edu.au
Procurement Policywill.oddy@cdu.edu.au
Procurement Procedureswill.oddy@cdu.edu.au
Learnline Policybill.searle@cdu.edu.au

When in draft form, Charles Darwin University documents may be open for the University community to read, comment on and suggest amendments. When there are documents available for comment, they will be listed below.

Please contact Strategic Services and Governance or the relevant contact person listed to request a Word version of the document. Make your suggested amendments on the document using the 'track changes' function and return the document back to the contact person.

Generally documents will be open for comment for up to two weeks prior to being sent to the Vice-Chancellor, the Council or Academic Board for approval.

Document NameOpen for CommentContact
Name of DocumentDate Document RescindedDocument Replaced by
Peer Review in Research Policy13 Dec 2017Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
Research Data Management Policy13 Dec 2017Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
Research Practice Policy13 Dec 2017Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
Information Privacy Policy13 Dec 2017Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Finance and Asset Management Policy02 Nov 2016Rescind
All process documentson-goingNew procedural template
Transfer of Registration for Replacement of an Existing Training Package Qualification Procedures02 Oct 2015Rescinded
Addition of Scope of Registration for a New Training Package Qualification/Course Procedures02 Oct 2015Rescinded
Research Data Management Guidelines1 Oct 2014Research Data Management Procedures
Staff - Professional Development Leave Approval Procedures13 Nov 2013Staff- Special Study Program Procedures
Common Course Rules - Courses Leading to the Degree of Doctor of Science07 Dec 2012Rescinded
Examination Rules07 Dec 2012 (Note: document 'change-over' will occur at the commencement of Semester 1 2013)Higher Education Examination Policy
HE Progression Rules07 Dec 2012 (Note: document 'change-over' will occur at the commencement of Semester 1 2013)Higher Education Student Academic Progression Procedures
Assessment Rules07 Dec 2012 (Note: document 'change-over' will occur at the commencement of Semester 1 2013)Academic Assessment and Moderation Policy +
Grading Policy
Lost and Found Process28 Nov 2012Lost and Found Property Reporting and Disposal Procedures
Alice Springs Room Booking Process +
Process for Hire of University Facilities and Equipment
28 Nov 2012Hire of University Facilities and Equipment Procedures
Award of Scholarships Procedures08 Nov 2012HDR Scholarships - Conditions of Award Procedures
Minors on Campus Guidelines30 May 2012Children on the University Premises Policy
Staff Professional Development Process21 Mar 2012Staff Professional Development Policy
Process for Space Allocation21 Mar 2012Space Management Policy
Space Management Procedures
CDU Art Advisory Board  21 Mar 2012CDU Cultural Collections Advisory Board
Finance Risk and Review Committee Terms of Reference17 Feb 2012Finance Infrastructure Development Committee Terms of Reference
External Audit Compliance Committee Terms of Reference17 Feb 2012Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference
Conference Travel Grants Process  01 Jan 2012Rescinded
DEST - Higher Education and Research Data Collection (HERDC) - Publications Collection Process  01 Jan 2012Rescinded
NTDHCS and MSHR Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Clearance Process  01 Jan 2012Rescinded
HDR Examinations Guideline +
HDR Examinations Process
 25 Nov 2011HDR Examinations Procedures
Occupational Health and Safety Policy +
Health and Safety Policy
  12 Oct 2011 Work Health and Safety Policy
Staff Grievance Process08 Jun 2011Staff Grievance Procedures
Student Administrative Complaints and Appeals Process08 Jun 2011Student Administrative Complaints Procedures
IT Policy  16 Mar 2011Information and Communication Technologies Acceptable Use Policy
Student Academic Grievance, Appeals and Review Process28 Jan 2011Student Academic Grievance Procedures
Supervision Processes: Change of Principal/Associate; Add Associate; External05 Jan 2011Change of HDR Supervisor Procedures
Conditions of Award for Scholarships05 Jan 2011Award of HDR Scholarships Procedures
Student Plagiarism Management Process28 Jan 2011Student Breach of Academic Integrity Procedures
Academic Dress Rules30 Sep 2010Academic Dress Procedures
Cultural Collections Policy21 Feb 2017Rescinded