Hebou Hebou – Join together and talk

Serge Ah Wong exhibited his Honours work at an exhibition at the Nan Giese Gallery at Charles Darwin University, Casuarina campus in December 2014.

Artist's biography

Living in Australia, it is important for my family to maintain our Papua New Guinean cultural identity and maintain our cultural knowledge through stories and experiences. My exegesis discusses the important value of Hebouhebou to listen and learn from each other about the culture and traditions of Papua New Guinea so it is not forgotten.

My research includes a combination of anthropological studies and family knowledge about my family’s Papua New Guinea culture, focusing on headdresses and the traditional art of tattooing in Papua New Guinea.

For my body of work I have painted portraits showcasing the cultural hybridity of my family members. They are portrayed as authoritative cultural figures decorated with traditional headdresses, face painting, and tattoos that are specific to our regions in Papua New Guinea. These portraits display the strong connection we still have with our Papua New Guinea culture as well as the individuality of each member of my family.

Article: NT student named top art grad, CDU enews, July 2014