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The Innovative Media Production Studio (IMPS) has been established to create innovative online learning environments and enhance curriculum through:

  • engaging learning materials using the latest technologies and applications
  • interactive models to explain concepts and interact with content
  • simulations and 3D models to practice and explore
  • enhanced video purpose built for an online experience
  • animations for concepts that are harder to film directly or to enhance video footage
  • use of game mechanics to enhance engagement and motivation
  • web apps and responsive design to leverage learning opportunities through mobile devices.

Visit the studio online through our interactive 360 virtual tour, or explore our website to find out more about the studio, our services, meet the team and a view a showcase of some of our work.

Explore our work

  • The studio provides a range of services prioritising but not limited to CDU's Learning & Teaching requirements.

    Digital resource development

    • Video and audio production
    • 3D modelling
    • Web App development
    • Animations
    • Web design
    • Interactive learning objects using Articulate Storyline
    • Photography

    Resources for Social Media

    • Graphics
    • Memes
    • Boosting

      Game based pedagogy, tools & resources

      • Advice on game thinking approaches for teaching and learning
      • Planning, development and monitoring tools for Game-Based Learning (GBL)
      • Development of learning games and simulations
      • Support for GBL and simulation projects

      Open Education Resources (OER)

      • Advice on OER projects
      • Advice for the development, use, reuse and storage of OER
      • Advice and instructional resources to academic staff in searching, selecting, creating and repurposing OER
      How to work with imps

      Contact us

      Send us an email or call us to give us an idea of what you're thinking about.  We'd need to know some of the following background information if you have it:

      • Type of resource required
      • When finished resource is required by
      • Unit code it relates to
      • Number of students
      • Reson for the resource
      • Delivery platform e.g. Learnline
      Explore our work

      T: Alison Lockley, Manager 8946 6906 or Helen Rysavy, Business Manager 8946 7779

    • Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials and resources that are free and open to use.  OER includes images, animations, video, simulations, learning activities etc.

      In recent years there has been significant development in open education and a shift towards more mainstream participation. 

      OER offers many opportunities including:

      • reducing the time and cost of developing/redeveloping courses
      • greater flexibility
      • enhance outreach and visibility
      • new opportunities for collaboration and learning.

      CDU aims to embed an appropriate educational practice strategy for CDU as both users of and contributors to OER. 

      If you are looking for OER the CDU Open Educational Resources LibGuide has lots of useful links, case studies and tools.  
      You may also like to take the Using Open Educational Resources professional development course available on Learnline.

      To find out more, contact us at or visit the wiki site for CDU staff at OER @ CDU. (CDU login credentials required)

    • Alison Lockley, Manager

      Alison has a Master of Education degree and a broad range of experience with e-learning, innovative educational technologies and instructional design gained through 25 years in education-related roles.  With a passion for social and  game-based learning, Alison currently leads Innovative Online Projects and the Innovative Media Production Studio for CDU.

      Helen Rysavy, Business Manager

      Helen is an award winning web designer and has over 15 years experience in the design and development of multimedia resources and environments for online learning.  Helen's passion is in enhancing the online user experience and as Business Manager for IMPS, she will coordinate the delivery of projects and facilitate client interaction with the team.

      Erin Lawson, Innovative Learning Resources Developer

      Erin has worked in the multimedia industry for 7 years, and brings a broad range of design and development skills to the IMPS team. She holds degrees in both Information Technology and New Media Design, and loves being involved in projects that allow her to utilise skills from across the digital domain.

      Matthew Elvey, Senior Web Programmer

      Matt has been working in web development for the past 8 years across a range of platforms and cultures. Having seen major changes in the way we interact with the web, he is enthusiastic about the emerging trends and technologies that will change the way we use it in the future. And no, he doesn’t speak in ones and zeros.

      Paula Wilson, Innovative Learning Resources Developer

      Paula has been working in the multimedia field for the last eight years, when she’s not editing videos she is usually ribbing the other members in the team.

    • In 2012, CDU was awarded a Structural Adjustment Fund (SAF) grant from the Commonwealth Government.

      For CDU, the grant focussed broadly on improving and expanding flexible online education delivery. One of the projects arising from the SAF grant, was the expansion of interactive learning resources production capability, including the establishment of a studio.

      The University wished to develop the capacity to create high-quality interactive digital learning content for higher education and VET teaching units to assist deep learning through active student engagement with resources in synchronous and (primarily) asynchronous contexts. 

      The framework for developing such resources would draw upon expertise that reaches beyond traditional education design and provision, extending to computer gaming theory, interactive digital television, mobile technologies and other contemporary media.

      To that end, the University established the Innovative Media Production Studio (IMPS).

      The studio includes a sophisticated green screen video room and a high tech sound room to enable the production of a range of media options. The fit out of the studio by the award-winning MODE has been designed to encourage creative thinking and has spaces for collaborative working.

      Key activities

      • Develop interactive digital resources
      • Game-based learning research, advice and exemplars
      • Trialling innovations in partnership with academics
      • Promoting a scholarly approach
      • Maintenance of CDU MOOCs
      • Consultations in relation to innovative online learning resources
      • Mobile and web app development
      • Special purpose video capture
      • Advice and support for video production
      • Management of key systems: CDU Mobile & ShareStream


      • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for contribution to Student Learning 2014
      • IMPS were a key part of the team that developed the award winning Charles Darwin, Evolution and Tropical Australia MOOC (Blackboard Catalyst Exemplary Course Award 2014 and Directors Choice for Courses with Distinction 2014).
      • The Innovative Media Production Studio fit out won George Chaloupka Award for Interior Design at the 2014 NT Architecture Awards

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