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About CDU

Complaints Management Unit

Charles Darwin University aims to provide high-quality teaching research and learning environment that promotes respect, safety and embraces diversity. We recognise that from time to time there will be occasions when problems, misunderstandings, or complaints may arise that need to be managed in a fair, transparent, and timely manner.

The role of the Complaints Management Unit is to listen to your concern or complaint and explain your options for resolving the matter in accordance with the relevant University procedures. We don't have any decision-making capacity.

All communications with us are confidential. However, if any potential criminal conduct is disclosed, we may be obliged to refer the matter to the police. Further, if we are concerned for a person’s health, safety or wellbeing, we may be obliged to refer the matter to the relevant University contact person or an external authority.

When the Complaints Management Unit receives a formal complaint

    • Record the complaint in our complaints handling interface, and acknowledge receipt of your complaint via email.
    • Assess and triage the complaint based upon the information/evidence provided follow up with you and request further details if needed.
    • Decide who at the University is best suited to investigate the complaint and provide them with the details of your complaint
    • Provide you with any further advice if required ensure the decision-maker communicates any resolution/decision with you.

    • Ensure the decision-maker communicates any resolution/decision with you.

    • Make decisions about academic matters. These decisions are only able to be made by relevant academic staff or under academic processes. The awarding of marks and grades, applications for advanced standing and eligibility for progression are not able to be reviewed by the Complaints Management Unit unless you believe that you have been unfairly treated and that there is evidence of bias or wrongdoing
    • Provide advocacy or mediation, however, we can refer you to these services if they are needed to find evidence to support your complaint, it is up to you to provide information that supports your complaint
    • Accept complaints that are more than six months old, unless there are exceptional circumstances
    • Provide personal support, although we will refer you to counsellors or other support staff if needed.

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Student complaints

Complaints from the public

Staff complaints

Specific complaints

Information on harassment, discrimination, bullying, or unfair treatment.

If you have a grievance or are concerned with the way someone has behaved, you are encouraged to contact the Complaints Management Unit for guidance.

Casuarina campus
Building Yellow 1.1.17-1.1.22
T: 08 8946 7738