Customer Relationship Management CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team

Our focus

The CRM team's focus is on optimising the University’s relationships with prospective and current Higher Education students to increase conversion and retention. We create these relationships through knowledge sharing (keeping records of telephone, email or live chat conversations and using a Knowledge Base ‘AskCDU’), marketing campaigns, lead generation and retention activities. We then use this data to inform ongoing individual communications and wider strategies. Current student information is also stored in the CRM system, enabling personalised communication and recording of interactions between students and Student Services.

While much of the team's time is taken up maintaining the integrity of the CRM system, trying to find correlations in the data, and nurturing the relationships, there is a constant balance between the fulfilment of ad-hoc demands and developing a wider philosophy of CRM.


Our services include:

  • Sending electronic direct mail (EDM) targeting larger groups of current and prospective students (send requests to
  • Implementation of the CRM application (currently used by areas such as Student Administration and Equity Services, Office of International Services, Primary Industries and Academic Liaison Unit)
  • Projects that improve student conversion and retention


Customer Relationship Management Team