Web Management

The Web Management team is responsible for the management of the Charles Darwin University website and provides a range of services for University staff to encourage a consistent standard of publishing across the broader website.

If you want to request changes or update content on the CDU website, please email us at webservices@cdu.edu.au

We have staff with skills and experience in:

  • Web development and management
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Information architecture
  • Content creation and management
  • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

Web Redevelopment Project

The Future Students section of the redeveloped web was launched on 26th February 2018. Positive feedback has been received and we have commenced work on the next phase, which will roll out the International Students section.

The Web Management team is also planning enhancements to the web including additions to the homepage such as News and Events, improved course search functions, and integration with other CDU systems. Enhancements will be delivered progressively between now and the end of the year, together with the ongoing migration of existing web content.  

Want to get involved?

You can keep up to date by regularly checking in on our project website.

There, you will find:

  • updates on the status of the project
  • tips and tricks for website editors
  • tech spotlights where we talk about the latest innovations in digital technology.

Have your say

We would love to hear the ideas and feedback CDU staff have.

To give staff a platform, we have developed a wiki page with the same updates as our project website.

By logging into the wiki page, staff will be able to leave comments on the updates and also submit ideas and feedback through our web form.

Check it out today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Web services iconWhat is the role of Web Management?

The Web Management team roles include:

  • CMS training for content editors
  • CMS management and implementation
  • managing and maintaining the University website
  • determining the design, structure and navigation of the website
  • creating web publishing guidelines and tools to support quality web publishing
  • providing leadership and contributing to web development activity
  • domain name approvals

Web services iconHow do I apply to become a web editor?

The University's faculties, schools, divisions and departments all have information on the CDU website, which should be checked regularly to ensure it is current, relevant and correct.

The updating of web content is either managed by the Marketing and Planning Web Management Team or by an assigned content editor within your faculty, school, division or department.

The University uses the content management system of Drupal (version 7.0), to facilitate its websites.
Permission to maintain a site must be sought, in the first instance, by your supervisor.

Please note: All requests for access must be submitted through eCentre.

Follow the steps through eCentre:

1. Log into eCentre with your CDU staff login details.

2. Select 'Make a request' from the left-hand side menu.

3. Select the 'CDU Web - Request edit access to CDU web page'.

4. List the URLs in the 'Request Access' field you need to access.

5. Select the 'Submit (Workflow)' button.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be sent to your supervisor to be approved and then forwarded to Web Management to be actioned.

Web services iconIs training and support available for web editors?

The Web Team provides:

  • Drupal 7 & 8 training sessions for all new editors, and
  • ongoing support via webservices@cdu.edu.au to assist you with web design and content issues.

If you are creating a staff profile page, you can refer to the staff profile template as a resource.

Web services iconHow do I apply for a new Domain or Sub-domain name

The Marketing and Planning Web Management Team assign domain and sub-domain names for CDU. If your department requires one, please fill in the application form and forward it to the Web Management team.

Please note: Applications will not be processed automatically. Each request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

All requests must be submitted through eCentre.

Follow the steps through eCentre

1. Log into eCentre with your CDU staff login details.

2. Select 'Make a request' from the left-hand side menu.

3. Select the 'CDU Web - Request a CDU domain'.

4. In the 'Request a Domain' box, type the domain name you require and the reason for the domain.

5. Select the 'Submit (Workflow)' button.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be forwarded to Web Management for approval. Once this has been completed, the request will be sent to ITMS to action.

E: webservices@cdu.edu.au

Please note: Approval for a domain or sub-domain name is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Web services iconWhen is the next training?

June 2019

Drupal 7

No schedule set for training

Drupal 8

Monday 24 June1, 10 am

Schedule may be changed depending on the request we receive.

Please contact webservices@cdu.edu.au or Irawan on #6019 for more information.


Web Management Team
E: webservices@cdu.edu.au