Senior executives

Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks

Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Simon Maddocks became President and Vice-Chancellor of Charles Darwin University in March, 2014. Professor Maddocks has extensive leadership experience at senior levels of both academia and government.

 Professor Sue Carthew

Provost and Vice-President

Professor Sue Carthew (BSc PhD) was appointed to the position of Provost and Vice-President in July 2016. Previously Professor Carthew was the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science & the Environment at Charles Darwin University.

Professor Lawrence Cram

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Research and Research Training

Professor Lawrence Cram was appointed to the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research and Research Training in August 2014.

Andrew Everett

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Global Strategy and Advancement

Mr Andrew Everett is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, Global Strategy and Advancement. Mr Everett has worked at a senior university level in international engagement for over 15 years, in addition to consulting to universities, government and the schools sector, regarding international education and training.


Meredith Parry

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Operations

Meredith Parry is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Operations. Ms Parry has worked both in the vocational and higher education sectors for 25 years.

Anne Coulter

Chief Financial Officer

Ms Anne Coulter is the Chief Financial Officer.

The role of the Chief Financial Officer is to oversee the Office of Financial Services and the Office of Procurement Services.


Christine Robertson

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Vocational Education and Training

Ms Christine Robertson is the Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for the Faculty of Vocational Education and Training (VET).